Mobitel Mobile Call Centre Solution

Now available from your national mobile service provider – Mobitel


How it works

Mobitel Virtual Call Centre combines speech-based IVR (Interactive Voice Response) with skill-based ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) to enable you to create an on-demand Call Centre. Your agents can be located remotely, checking themselves in and out over the phone or over the web.

Functional overview

  • One Number will be announced as the HOT LINE
  • Any service user can dial this number anytime of the day
  • Your Call Centre Agents will be available according to their shift basis
  • If one line is busy the customer can still get through to the next available agent, or the customer will be queued
  • Every call to this number rings the agents’ mobile phone in a ‘Round Robin Method’
  • IVR can have your customized prompts recorded by us.
  • The login/logout can be done from their mobile handsets with a simple SMS or by the administrator.
  • Can be extended to integrate with customer CRM system through a Soft Phone configuration.
  • No on site equipment installation or equipment maintenance.
  • Pay as you GO and GROW
  • Fully scalable from 10 agents to 1000.

List of Features

The package is inclusive of below features:

  • Admin Self-care portal to the system.
  • Customizable IVR with up to 10 prompts.
  • Mobile phone based call center
  • Fax on the same hotline
  • Assisted Call transfer
  • Can view call statistics
  • Softphone to integrate with CRM


  • You can reduce the overhead of maintaining  Call Centre equipment
  • You do not have to buy call center equipment
  • Can handle several numbers (hotlines) at one time
  • Call agents can be fully mobile
  • Improve productivity by giving agents relevant and timely contact information, and integrate phone controls with the applications

Set up + Charges

Setup fee (per one call centre) Rs. 10,000
Monthly rental (support up to 10 agents) Rs.3,500
Charge per agent (beyond 10 agents, monthly) Rs.250

Charge per call queue (if more than 1)

(First call queue is free)

Rs.500 per month

*Government taxes and levies apply.

IVR Charges

Mobitel also can assist customers on developing an IVR for the Call Centre if needed. If customer doesn’t provide a recorded IVR, Mobitel shall do the recording according to the following pricing

Instalment fee (If Mobitel provides the recording) Rs. 4, 000/-
Charge per word(first 50 words are free of charge) Rs. 50/-

*Government taxes and levies apply.