• One card (In collaboration with WST system) which has been designed using Near Field Technology (NFC) is currently been used in supporting classes for students in order to connect teachers, students and parents. This card basically acts as a student tracker, and as a result both parents and teachers will be able to monitor any situation at key times. 
  • Short Code 219




1.    The message of attendance of a child to the class can be transmitted immediately to the parents

2.    The message can be transmitted immediately to the parents about the time a class finishes

3.    Parents can be informed of additional classes

4.    Due to an emergency if the classes are not held, parents as well as students may be informed accordingly

5.    The message can be transmitted to the parents as well as children about additional classes and time tables


Possibility to know immediately

·         about the child’s presence at the class

·         about the exact time the class ends

·         If any payments are due by the child

·         monthly assessment of the child with marks

·         extra time of the classes


1.    Ability to have the lessons that are taught when absent

2.    Ability to check study chapters that are due to be taught

3.    Possibility to know early if the class extends on special needs.

4.    Ability to check if scheduled classes are cancelled due to an emergency

5.    Possibility to receive notes, assignments, question papers, given by the teacher through the website


Registration/De Registration  Method



REG<Space> WSTS to 219

DEREG<Space>WSTS/DREG <Space>WSTS to 219


REG<Space> WSTP to 219

DEREG<Space>WSTP/DREG <Space>WSTP to 219


REG<Space> WSTT to 219

DEREG<Space>WSTT/DREG <Space>WSTT to 219




Charged Rs: 99/= + Tax as subscription per month.

Charged Rs: 499/= + Tax as subscription per month.



Terms and Conditions for the service

  1. We have taken maximum precautionary measures to provide you with a better and uninterrupted service. However, any unforeseen technical or infrastructure failure on the client's end may cause the One Card (In collaboration with WST System) to fail temporarily.  
  2. If the card is not properly tapped to the phone unit at the class, then the attendance will not be marked and the SMS will not be delivered.
  3. Logging to the system properly before tapping the card to the phone at the tuition class is a must. If not, the attendance will not be marked and the SMS will not be delivered.
  4. Even though you have successfully registered with One Card (In collaboration with WST System) as a parent (WTSP), if your mobile number is not registered as "parent" in the WST System, then the SMS will not be delivered.


Terms and Conditions for the Card

  1. This card must be presented to the institute to be eligible for the benefit entitled.
  2. The use of this card is restricted to the cardholder.
  3. The cardholder is responsible for the safekeeping of this card and shall be at all times liable for any unauthorized or illegal use.
  4. This card is property of Superb Business Solutions and maybe recalled without prior notice.
  5. Damaged or defaced cards will be replaced by Superb Business Solutions at a cost.
  6. This card is not a credit, debit or charge card and cannot be transferred.



University of Colombo

mLearning was initiated in September of 2008 with the collaboration of University of Colombo and Mobitel with both parties having interests in enhancing the higher education systems in Sri Lanka.  The University of Colombo inaugurated the initial course in March 2009 with the Faculty of Graduate Studies Executive Diploma in Marketing course. With the success of this course many other faculties have now joined mLearning and are currently delivering their courses over this unique education tool. The faculties with mLearning and their courses are:

Faculty of Graduate Studies

  • Executive Diploma in Marketing
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Business Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma and Masters in Public Administration & Management

Faculty of Science,

  • Masters in Applied Electronics

Faculty of Arts, Department of Economics

  • Diploma in Travel & Tourism Economics & Hotel Management


The success of the FGS course and the advantages of the functionalities the product offers prompted the University to use the mLearning in delivering their courses outside of Sri Lanka. Therefore, the University of Colombo Courses was offered in the Maldives using mLearning.

In this regard, the first course was introduced in the Maldives on the 20th of April 2010. This event was graced by the Vice President of the Republic of Maldives, CEO and other dignitaries from Wataniya Telecom, Vice Chancellor, Dean and delegates from the University of Colombo, Chairperson SLT, CEO and Delegates from Mobitel.


The Open University of Sri Lanka

The Department of Language Studies of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences offers a range of academic programmes that can cater to the needs of diverse groups of students. It is committed to offering high quality Programs in the Distance Education mode utilizing innovative modes of teaching.

The mLearning Programs offered by the department is a Diploma in English (For English Teachers) with the title of Practical Approaches to Teaching Literature. The first batch of students has successfully completed the course, and a new intake is scheduled for early 2012.

Additional courses from the Open University are to be made available within the coming months.

Edinburgh Napier m-MBA

This unique Program is supported by a mobile mLearning platform which has been developed by Sri Lanka’s leading telecommunications company Mobitel. You will be able to study anytime anyplace, by having only a laptop and an Internet connection. Our MBA will develop skills which can help you to develop customer focused, agile, and humane business practices which are fit for comparison and challenge in regional, national and international arenas. The Program aims to provide you with an understanding of the dynamics of working organizations in a rapidly changing environment by providing the skills and knowledge to take forward organisation-wide change Programs.


  • Edinburgh Napier m-MBA enables you to gain a competitive edge through personal learning any time, any place, any where
  • Supported by Mobitel’s mobile m-Learning platform
  • Supported by Edinburgh Napier’s blended online and face-to-face delivery by our own academic staff
  • A well established and recognized UK MBA.

What you will study

You will study over a period of two years, completing two modules per trimester.

Organisational Behaviour & Management

  • Finance for Management Decision Making
  • Creativity to Sustainability
  • Creating Competitive Advantage
  • Business Economics in a Global Environment
  • Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management
  • Research Skills for Managers; and
  • MBA Project.

Student Experience

Choosing the online programme will allow you to study for a UK award whilst based in Sri Lanka. The online environment will give you access to engaging, interactive and self-directed learning materials. It also supports real time interaction with Module Leaders and provides you with opportunity to learn and discuss topics with

your fellow students. Our MBA adopts a practice based approach to learning and through case studies and real life situations, you will be able to apply theory in practical situations to solve business problems. Full academic support will be available throughout your study; and you will also meet with Edinburgh Napier academics at the beginning of each Trimester for introductory lectures. You will establish a network of contacts through your classmates, lecturers and MBA Alumni.

Admission requirements

You will need either an honours degree or equivalent and at least two years’ relevant work experience. Similarly, an ordinary degree or equivalent with at least four years’ relevant work experience, preferably from a professional occupation or a management or supervisory role, are also considered. Where English is not your first language, you will be required to prove competence in English to IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 575, or to pass the ENU English Assessment.


£6,000. A 10% discount will be available for admission in session 2011/2012

Further Information:

Contact us: +94 (0)713777666

For more information, please contact +94 712 65 6565

City and Guilds

City and Guilds International (Sri Lanka) is part of City and Guilds UK which has over 8500 centers in more than 102 countries offering training materials and conducting examinations in skills development. City and Guilds has been in Sri Lanka for more than 60 years and offers internationally recognized vocational qualifications that cover nearly every occupational sector. City and Guilds offers internationally recognized qualifications through over fifty centers.
The first program shall be an English course intended to raise the relative levels of English Language Competency with special emphasis on Spoken English delivered to the masses over mLearning. The local entity which shall be heading this initiative shall be Skills International. Skills International is an authorized Implementation Partner of City & Guilds of UK with the primary objectives of promoting and conducting City & Guilds Programs aimed at career initiation and advancement

For more information, please contact +94 712 65 6565


National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority

Taking yet another step in its pioneering role in facilitating industrial training opportunities, mLearning has now been extended to the National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA) to enable industrial training and entrepreneurship development programs to its students in regional centers island wide.
Through mLearning, students from any part of the country can pursue the theoretical aspects of their vocational studies. They can participate in live lectures and also effectively manage their time and gain access to lessons that are pre-recorded and available to be accessed later. This also provides the students the opportunity to some of the best lecturers in the industry who are based in Colombo.
NAITA with a history that spans more than 40 years and centers in all districts is an ideal medium to spread this much needed knowledge and skills amongst Sri Lankan youth in the periphery.

Institute of Agro Technology & Rural Science – Hambantota

The establishment of this Institute heralded an era of affirmative action on the part of the Government of Sri Lanka to “uplift farming in Sri Lanka as a prestigious occupation through arming the farming community with modern knowledge and information technology”.
The Institute has a mandate to “providing, promoting and developing among persons presently engaged in Agriculture and Agro-Technology, higher education in the discipline of Agro-Technology and Rural Sciences”
mLearning is currently used by the institute to deliver Diplomas and Higher Diplomas to the farming community.

For more information, please contact +94 712 65 6565


Ministry of Higher Education & National Online Distance Education Service (NODES)

The Ministry of Higher Education now utilizes mLearning as ‘the National Higher Education Learning Platform’.  This initiative is part of the ministry’s initiative styled under the theme “Samata Denuma Samase” (Equality in the dissemination of knowledge), expected to eliminate the disparities between disseminating higher education throughout the country.
In this regard, Ministry of Higher Education provide students the ability to learn the subject of their choice from reputed local government, private & international universities island wide via mLearning. Students can access courses from the NODES centers or from their own homes once they register with a course.
The initial programs are – General IT and A/L Tuition for Advanced Level Students of the National Education Stream.
Other courses are to follow in the coming months.

‘Leadership and Positive Thinking’ training program for University new entrants via Mobitel’s mLearning

His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressed a gathering of 10,000 students convened at 28 centers across the island, from Temple Trees, at the inauguration of the training and development initiative for new entrants to universities. The speech was delivered via the National Higher Education Learning Platform – mLearning, provided by Mobitel.
The ‘Leadership and Positive Thinking’ training is an initiative embarked on by the Ministry of Higher Education to propel personal development across our nation, introducing training methods that will help induce positive thinking and empowering the Sri Lankan youth. The course embraced topics on decision making, team work, empathy, personality building, interdependency and conflict resolution mechanisms.

For more information, please contact +94 712 65 6565


Aitken Spence

Aitken Spence has subsidiaries, departments and employees distributed across large geographic areas. Therefore, they are now using Mobitel’s mLearning platform can to maintain contact, undergo training, share information and communicate at a fraction of the costs that they would otherwise have to incur.

For more information, please contact +94 712 65 6565


CIMA tuition via mLearning

Mobitel has collaborated with CIMA, the world's largest professional body of management accountants to initiate the country’s first ‘knowledge exporting’ endeavor by facilitating CIMA Sri Lanka’s globally acclaimed panel of lecturers to share their expertise with overseas students through Mobitel’s revolutionary learning platform: mLearning.  A groundbreaking initiative and a global first, students in over 20 countries inclusive of students from Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives, North Africa, Egypt, UAE and the Gulf are currently following live lectures and live revision classes conducted by some of CIMA’s very best resource persons.
With this initiative, Global CIMA Students can now receive study material and communicate with lecturers all on the mLearning platform from any global location just by login in anytime anywhere.

College of Surgeons

The College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka is currently using the mLearning platform to conduct lectures and workshops to physicians situated in various corners of the country. This service has proven vital due to the mission critical nature of the work with which hospitals face on a daily a basis. It also provides physicians located in the peripheries to learn new procedures and update their knowledge at their convenience.
The flexibility of mLearning has enabled the college to even conduct lectures while live surgeries are being performed and be broadcasted then and there to any hospital or individual doctors for learning and teaching purposes.

For more information, please contact +94 712 65 6565