Postpaid Bolt-on packages


Postpaid BIS
Package Rental (Rs.) Data bundle (MB) Validity Package code
Month 590 250 For the billing month BIS

Prorated billing - rental prorated for number of days active in the service. The free bundle will also be prorated      
Automatically renewed each month until deactivated or suspended.
Activation method:

The short code for the SMS is 233.

Message Action
act <pkg name> Activate the given service
dct Deactivate the service
nomo Suspend the service
usage Check the remaining Data Bundle
  • If a service is already activated when you send SMS the new service will replace the old service.
  • In case of postpaid the service fees will be pro-rated for the number of days activated
Key features of BIS:
  • True push delivery of Email - messages are delivered efficiently (will not drain your battery) and automatically
  • Simple Email setup
  • Full HTML - Email on the device looks like an Email on your desktop computer
  • Download, view, edit and send Email attachments (most popular formats supported)
  • Access up to 10 POP/IMAP/OWA Email accounts plus a free optional hosted @blackberry Email address
  • Supported email clients - Mobitelnet, Google MailTM, Yahoo® Mail, Windows LiveTM, Hotmail®, MSN®, AOL, POP3, IMAP4, Microsoft® Outlook® Web Access
BlackBerry Messenger

BBM is a premium mobile to mobile social communication platform offering an exclusive and free BlackBerry community to its users. It also serves as a real time mobile communication vehicle that let you track your message delivery and create small groups for the people that you are most close to.

BB Group Functionality

Allows group of friends, family and personal contacts to stay connected & share experiences in real-time:

  • organizing tasks and events with shared lists and calendars
  • ongoing group chat
  • sharing pictures
Social Networking

Facebook for BlackBerry
Features include:

  • Status and highlights feed on the home page
  • View your friends' and your own wall
  • Poke and message your friends or post on their walls.
  • Access photo album, link photos and call your friends or request their phone numbers.
Twitter on BlackBerry

Features include:

  • Push based Direct Messages
  • Timelines
  • Following & Followers
  • Search
  • Tweeting and Re-Tweeting
  • Photos
  • Trending Topics
Virtual Pre-Load
  • Virtual Pre-Load is a service offered to Carrier Partners that enables them to push 3rd party applications OTA to the device
  • Virtual Pre-Load is a superior and more powerful substitute for 'factory pre-load'
  1. Can filter based on device type, handheld software version, service type (BES vs. BIS vs. BIS "Lite", etc…) to help target and differentiate service offerings
  2. Avoid inventory issues regarding potentially buggy software pre-installed on large numbers of devices on large numbers of devices
PIN-to-PIN messaging

Each BlackBerry handheld device is uniquely identified in the blackberry infrastructure by 8 digit alphanumeric serial number called PIN. Each BlackBerry device will have unique PIN assigned. The BlackBerry users can send/receive messages to each other using this PIN

PIN messages are different from SMSs from several ways.

  • PIN to PIN message will only work on BlackBerry device
  • Instead of the mobile number, the user need to know the PIN number each other if they want to communicate with the PIN to PIN message
  • Instead of going through the SMS center, the PIN to PIN message will go through the BlackBerry
  • Infrastructure (RELAY)