BlackBerry Internet Service on Prepaid
Activation Fee Rs.20 Rs.100 Rs.140 Rs.590
Data Bundle - 25MB 50MB 250MB
Validity 1 Day 5 Days 7 Days 30 Days
To Activate via Quick  Menu Dial #233# and choose the preferred plan
To activate via SMS send SMS code to 233 ACT BIS1 ACT BIS5 ACT BIS7 ACT BIS30
  • To Activate BIS Plans using the Quick activation Menu Dial #233# and navigate through the menus to choose your preferred plans
  • To Suspend the Blackberry service (Includes Email Internet) Dial #233# and select suspend or SMS NOMO to 233
  • Data consumption above the entitled data bundle will be billed based on the applicable data rate that will prevail on the Pre-Paid Plan.
  • All Rates are subject to Government Taxes and levies
  • Conditions Apply


  1. What is Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) on Pre-Paid?

    Pre-Paid Blackberry Internet Service or BIS is an on demand service that allows you to set up personal emails and Internet on your blackberry device.

  2. What are the Key benefits of Pre Paid Blackberry Internet Service?

    The benefits of Pre Paid Blackberry service are :

    • Email messages will be delivered instantly, automatically and securely via BlackBerry® Push email Technology Your email is compressed and encrypted so the data usage is optimum and content is secure.
    • You will be entitled to a Free email account with the domain
    • BlackBerry Messenger for secure instant messaging service with PIN as additional security.
  3. How do I configure my email address on the Blackberry Device?

    To configure the email address on the Blackberry device, you have to activate a BIS plan of your choice and follow the simple steps shown below on your Blackberry Device: Go to Set Menu>Select Email Settings >Select Add and choose your Email Service provider* from the list , if you do not have an email address you may set your own email address with the domain :

    *If the domain of your email service provider is not on the list, you are required to enter additional information such as the email server address which can be easily obtained by contacting your email service provider.

  4. Can I activate Multiple BIS Plans?

    Yes, you can activate multiple BIS Plans; the validity period the BIS service will be extended by the validity period of the BIS plan which is activated in this instance.

  5. Can I continue to enjoy BIS even after I exhaust the Data Bundle on the BIS plan?

    Yes, You can enjoy the BIS service until expiry date of the service even if you run out of your Free Data bundle.

  6. Can I temporarily suspend the Email service?

    Yes, you can suspend the Email service temporarily by sending the SMS NOMO to 233; this will result in the BIS service being suspended. To restore the service again just SMS START to 233.

  7. Can I roam abroad using my Mobitel Pre Paid Blackberry Service?

    Yes, The Black Berry Pre paid service is available when you roam, however you will not be able to enjoy the FREE Data bundle while roaming as Roaming Data rates will become applicable in this instance.

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