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How can I participate in this competition?
All you have to do is dial 2020 and subscribe for the competition.
How can I unsubscribe from the competition?
Dial 2020 unsubscribe or type End and send to 2020 
How many attempts will I be given to answer the question correctly?
Only one attempt will be given to answer the questions. No retries applicable
How many points will I score for each correct answer?
10 points for each correct answer
Will points be deducted for incorrect answers?
No. Points will not be deducted for the incorrect answers.
Can I start the game at any time?
Yes. You can start playing the game at any time you prefer. 
How can I find out the current score?
You will receive an SMS detailing out the current score on exit from the portal or send the keyword “Score” to the short code 2020 and obtain same
What is the time duration given to answer a question?
About 1 minute per question
Can both pre-paid and post-paid customers enter this competition?
How are the winners selected?
The winners will be selected in the following manner.
  • 3 players who scores the highest points will be selected as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner accordingly and the next 10 highest scorers will be awarded consolation prizes at the end of the competition. In case of a tie (Equal Marks) winners will be chosen by a raffle draw. However there will be only 13 winners in total.
  • Hourly winners will be selected randomly every hour from the players who are online. However, the player should answer the special question correctly to win the prize. In case the player fails to do so another winner will be selected. There will be 2160 winners for the entire competition. 
What are the prizes allocated for the competition?
Winners will be awarded cash prizes in the following manner.
  • Grand Winner - Rs. 300,000/-
  • 2nd Place - Rs. 200,000/-
  • 3rd Place - Rs. 100,000/-
  • 10 x Consolation Prizes - Rs. 20,000/- each
  • Hourly winner - Rs.200/-
What is the duration of the competition?
The competition commences on 1st February 2017 at 00:00 hours and will be conducted for 90 days.
In what languages will the competition be available?
The competition will be available in Sinhalese and Tamil.
How much will I be charged for subscribing for the competition?
A subscription charge of Rs.5+ will be applicable with taxes and levies. Per episode 
How many episodes will be there for the entire competition?
There will be 90 episodes for the entire competition (each episode consists of 3 question).
Can I play the game at once or am I supposed to wait for 90 days to complete the game?
Yes. You could complete the game at once by completing all 90 episodes or you could complete same as you wish during the period allocated for this game.
If I don’t get a chance to complete the game during the given period (90 days) will you give me more time to complete the game?
You will be given a grace period of 5 days to complete the game. (5 days after the 90th day)
If I don’t get a chance to register for the competition during the given period (90 days) will you give me more time to register for the competition? 
No. if you wish to register for the competition you need to do it during the given period (90day from the start date)
Can I replay the game once I complete all 90 episodes?
No. Players will not be allowed to repeat the contest.
How can I know whether I have won or not?
Winners will be contacted individually, through the Mobitel hotline number 0712755777.
How will the winners be selected?
Winners will be selected by a system generated report conducted in the presence of the Mobitel Internal Audit Team and representatives of the Revenue Department from the Western Province at the end of the period. Such selections shall be final and conclusive.
If the winner is not the registered user of the connection and the registered user is dead, will the gift be awarded?
No. only the registered user of the connection will be eligible for the prize. If the user is unable to register the connection under his name. The prize will not be awarded.   
Will the winners be announced to the general public?
Yes. Winners will be published on Mobitel’s website and Facebook page.
Terms & conditions
  • By taking part in the competition, participants will be in acceptance of these terms and conditions. 
  • The competition will commence on 1st February at 00:00 hours and will be continued for 90 days
  • The highest scorers will be selected as the winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 10 consolation prizes) in case of a tie Winners will be picked by a raffle draw (out of the highest scorers) using the system generated report conducted in the presence of Mobitel’s Internal Audit Team and representatives of the Revenue Department from the Western Province. This selection will be final and conclusive.
  • Winners will be contacted and confirmed via Mobitel’s hotline 0712755777. In case of a winner being unreachable; there will be three attempts made via phone within three (03) hours and in the event of a winner being unreachable, a new winner will be selected. The previous record will be discarded.
  • The prize is non-negotiable. 
  • This competition will be open to customers of Mobitel who have duly paid all amounts payable for the use of Mobitel’s services.
  • Mobitel staff, suppliers and business partners of Mobitel, its advertising agency and their immediate family members cannot participate in this competition.
  • Only the Registered user of the connection shall be eligible for the prize 
  • The prize/s shall be distributed after the promotion period.
  • The prize will not be offered if the winner is unavailable/ unable to collect same within 30 days.
  • The prizes will be awarded to the winners who have duly paid all amounts payable for the use of all Mobitel’s services. This includes all due mobile bills connected under the National identity card number of the winner
  • The participants agree to indemnify Mobitel for any technical errors which may occur during the competition period.
  • Mobitel reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time at its discretion.