3G - Miscellaneous

1.How can I know whether my subscription is activated?
You will get a text message (SMS) confirming your subscription if 3G Delight was activated by dialing the short code. If you activated 3G Delight by calling 141, you will hear a voice recording confirming your subscription.
2.What will happen when my usage exceeds the entitled bundle of 50 MB, 100 MB or 200 MB?
You will be able to access 3.5G broadband via the normal Pre-Paid Broadband rate of Rs. 0.01 per kB. If you wish, you can extend the validity period of 3G Delight by reactivating the feature by dialing the required short codes or by calling 141.
3.Can I make multiple activations to get 3G Delight on the same day?
Yes. You can activate 3G Delight as many times as you wish as long as you have sufficient balance in your SMART account.
4.How do I know when my free limit of data ends?
You will receive a SMS when you reach 90% of the free data limit. You will also receive separate SMS when you exhaust your free limit.
5.How is the validity period of 3G Delight counted?
The validity period will begin upon activation and the time left between the time of activation until midnight the same day will be counted as the first day.
For example, if you activate the option at 10.00 PM you will get only 2 hours (between 2200-2400 hrs) as your first day; in the case of 3G Weekly Delight 75 the remaining data will be valid for a period of 6 days thereafter.
6.Can I check my data usage while using 3G Delight?
Yes. You can check the remaining number of MBs in your 3G Delight feature by dialing #170#.
7.Can I cancel the subscription to 3G Delight, once activated?
Yes. Just dial #170# and press 1 to deactivate the 3G Delight feature.
8.Is the data usage calculated for Downloading or Uploading or for both?
The data usage is calculated both for downloading and uploading.
9.What can I do with 100 MB of data?
You will be able to retrieve approximately 1000 Emails, download 25 MP3 Songs or browse over 300 web pages. (These are just indicative figures and the actual values may vary depending on the size of each unit illustrated in the above example.)

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