What is the Online Bill Payment Promo?
This promotion enables customer’s with a 5GB data bundle for payments made through selected online payment points for Post Paid connections.
Who is eligible to obtain this offer?
Eligible only for Post Paid Individual billing connections. Corporate accounts will not be entitled for this offer.
What are the online payment points which allow customer to obtain the 5GB data promo?

Customer will be only eligible for the 5GB Data promotion if payment is made through below given online payment options points.

  • (payment portal)
  • My Account
  • Selfcare app
  • mCash App
How can a customer be eligible to obtain the 5GB Data bundle in this promotion?

Customers need to make payments accumulating to Rs.1,000/- (minimum) in a calendar month period via the above-mentioned online payment points.

  • Payments can be made through either one of the above mentioned points. Eg;- Rs.1,000/- made through Selfcare app
  • Payments can be made through using two of the above mentioned points
    Eg:- Rs.200 via on 15th May & Rs.850 via mCash app on 19th May.
When will the customers be able to enjoy the free 5GB Data bundle?
5GB bundle will be made available for the customer following billing month.
Eg:- for payments made in June 2020, customer will be enable with the 5GB data bundle in July 2020. If customer bill run date is 4th. Data bundle will be available for billing month starting from 4th July
If customer has multiple mobile numbers under the account payment made does he/she receive 5GB bundle for all numbers?
No, 5GB Data bundle will be enabled only for the eligible number used to make the online payment.
How will the eligible customer be notified on the 5GB data bundle?
Eligible customer will be notified through a SMS on the below mentioned occasions.
End of the Calendar Month Dear Customer, You will receive free 5GB data bundle in the next billing month for the payment made via online payment channels.
On the Bill run Date Dear Valued Customer, Enjoy your FREE 5GB Data bundle added to the existing billing month for the bill payment made via online payment channels.