Cash Bonanza 2020

What is Cash Bonanza?
Cash Bonanza is a recharge/bill payment promotion for Mobitel customers, offering the opportunity to win brand new luxury Mercedes Benz cars & instant free talk time.
How can I be eligible for the Draw?
  • You should be a Resident of Sri Lanka
  • You should possess a valid active Pre Paid, Post Paid or Broadband connection, which is not disconnected on your request or not terminated as per clause number 7 in the subscriber agreement
  • You should not have any outstanding under the respective account/Mobile Number or NIC
  • You should have not been selected as a main lucky winner in previous programs,
Those who meet the minimum eligibility requirement will eligible for the draw
How do I qualify for the draw?

Each Rs.50 recharge or bill value paid will enable you to qualify for the draw. With one entry per each Rs.50 recharge or payment. Your chances for the draw will be multiplied based on tenure at Mobitel.

Ex: -
Mobile No. 0712755777
Tenure 5 years
Chances for the draw
100 (1000/50 = 20)
(20 x 5 = 100 chances)
What are the prizes on offer?

Cash bonanza program will offer following prizes distributed throughout the year.

  • Grand Prize
    Brand New Luxury Mercedes Benz Car
  • Instant Prizes
    Talk time worth Rs.500
What is the effective period of the program?
The Program will be effective from 01st of January 2020 to the 31st of December 2020
Can I check instant prize draw and monthly draw chances that I have collected?
Yes. This will be available to be viewed by dialing #151# code on your mobile phone
How will I be notified if I'm a winner of the Cash Bonanza draw?
  • Grand Prize Draw
    Winner will be notified by a phone call via Mobitel customer care hotline number 0712755777
  • Instant Prize Draw
    Winners will be notified via a text message from Mobitel
Note – Winners will not be contacted via personal Mobile numbers or Land line numbers under any circumstances
How do I collect my winning prizes in the draws?
  • Grand Prize Draw
    Prize awarding day and procedure will be informed via Mobitel hotline 0712755777 and in written
  • Instant Prize Draw
    Free talk time will be added to your mobile number
What are the conditions of the program?
i.Customer Clearance Related Conditions Customers in the following category will not qualify for the draw
  • Non- Residents of Sri Lanka
  • Subscribers temporarily disconnected or deactivated permanently on their request at the time of confirming winners
  • Any connection terminated due to Mobitel suspension/disconnection policy as listed in clause 7 in the subscriber agreement
  • Numbers registered under Mobitel staff, Suppliers and Business partners of Mobitel, Advertising Agency and their immediate family members
  • Previous winners of the cash bonanza will not qualify for the offer
  • Winners of the instant talk time prize draw will not qualify for the instant talk time prize draw with in the campaign period under daily draws but will be eligible for monthly draws.
  • Winner of a quarterly draw/Monthly draw will not qualify for any draw
  • Winners of previous Cash Bonanza will not qualify for the quarterly winner draws/ monthly draws.
ii.Customer Verification Level Based Conditions
  • In the event the selected winning number is used by a different user (a second party), the reward prize will be awarded to the original user only. The prize will be granted to the original users provided that the user party disclose original customer information at the time of verification & confirmation of the winner
  • The Winners are required to present them self at the prize awarding ceremony in order to collect the winning prize
  • Winners will be contacted via phone call and a confirmation letter will be sent to their registered address if necessary
  • In the event if the selected customer is not reachable; there will be three attempts made via phone call within a period of 6 hours and if not reachable the next record of the extracted report will be picked as the winner. The previous record will be discarded for that particular draw and the number will reenter to the eligible base & remain in the base for the upcoming draws
iii.Price Distribution related conditions
  • Instant talk time prizes will be credited/added to mobile and will not be able to redeem in cash.
  • Winners for every instant talk time prizes draw will be selected with the use of an automated process and for the main draw winners will be selected on a manually basis monthly. In which the draw will be conducted in the presence of Mobitel Internal Audit and a representative from the Western Province Revenue Department. In every quarter grand prize winner will be selected on the stage of the musical
  • Winner of an instant talk time prize draw will qualify only for Monthly draws/Quarterly draws. He/she will not be qualified for the same draw within the promotional period
  • Winner of the Monthly draw/Quarterly draw will not qualify for any draw
iv.General Conditions
  • The prize cannot be negotiated at any given time.
  • The participants are agreed to indemnify Mobitel for any technical errors which may occur during the promotional period
  • Mobitel holds the right to the winner selection and the decision shall be the final.
v.Qualifying Criteria for Draws
  • A Minimum recharge/reload or bill payment value of Rs.50 should be made by the subscriber in order to enter the instant talk time prizes /Monthly draw
  • Each Rs.50 worth reload/recharged or bill payment will be given one winning chance in the lucky draw if customer has met the minimum qualifying criteria of Rs.50 worth of recharge/reload or bill payment value and this would be multiplied by number of connected years by checking the connected date
Ex: -
Mobile No. 0712755777
Tenure 5 years
Chances for the draw
100 (1000/50 = 20)
(20 x 5 = 100 chances)
vi.Prize Distribution Mechanism Prize distribution of the draws will be executed in following manner for each category
Grand Prize
  • 1 candidate will be selected for every month and final winner will be selected at the musical show
  • Winning prizes are non-transferable before the acceptance by the registered lucky winner
  • Winning prizes will not be hand over to a representative on behalf of the winner without any valid reason presented by both winner and representative. Representative should obtain a request letter from the original winner and original ID/Passport/Driving License or submit either one of the above certified copy from an authorized personal (Gramasewaka or Justice in Piece) along with the SIM card should physically submit to the Mobitel at the point of collection of the prize.
  • In order to collect the prize; the winner will have to Visit the Mobitel Head Office or a pre notified location decided by Mobitel in person along with their National ID card, Passport or Driving License, along with the letter of confirmation of the winner to obtain the rewards
Instant Prizes
Prize will be set off against to their call charges (For Post Paid subscribers) as a bill waiver in the respective bill, for prepaid subscribers winning prize will be sent as free talk time to their account accordingly