What is Broadband Security Solution?


Mobitel along with F-Secure will protect Mobitel PC and Smartphone internet users as a value added service in their internet package. The solution includes features such as protection from viruses, spyware and other malware, Anti-phishing, Email scans, Parental feature (PC) and Support method (email, phone). The facility will be available for both Prepaid and Postpaid connections free of charge a 30 day trial period.
How does a customer obtain information about this product?
Type SS send to 610
What is the activation / deactivation detail for the service?
After the trial, the customer will receive a SMS from Mobitel confirming their subscription. Separate activation codes will be required for PC and Mobile Security solutions.
Self Activation
For PCs – ACT DS send to 610
For Mobiles – ACT MS send to 610
Self Deactivation
For PCs – DCT DS send to 610
For Mobiles – DCT MS send to 610
The Customer will receive the license key in the next SMS upon sending of the activation details to Mobitel. 
Upon receiving the license key SMS, the customer will receive another SMS with the URL to guide them to the F-Secure web page. 
Where do I enter the subscription key?
Desktop – F-Secure installation screen as below
Alternatively, the F-Secure icon is available on your task bar
Mobile –
Click the arrow at the bottom to go to the last menu and select more
Select Subscription
Click “Already have a key”
Enter your subscription key for the application, and click OK.
How do I activate F-Secure on MAC?
Important – For MAC PC users , F-Secure has named the software as “Anti Virus” and it has the exact same features as Internet Security.  
Install and Open F-Secure Anti-Virus 
Go to menu > F-Secure Anti-Virus > Preferences
Enter Subscription key and click ‘set’
Close the window and check “Subscription valid till date” to verify that license is activated for 1 year
If I lose my subscription key, how do I get it back?
The Call Centre Agent will have the facility to resend the license key to the same Mobitel number
If I cannot see my subscription key, can I receive it again?

Yes. The Call Centre Agent will have the facility to resend the license key to the same Mobitel number

What is the total price of the product inclusive of taxes?
Rs 49/- + taxes per month i.e. Rs 55.99
Is there any billing code available for this service?
For Desktops – 
Bill description – “ PC Security”
For Mobiles – 
Bill description – “ Mobile Security”
Can I get more than one license for the same Mobitel number?
Yes. But the customer could get one license each (for PC and Mobile) per mobile number
Can the license be billed annually rather than monthly?
No. Currently only the monthly billing option is available for this service
How could the Call Centre agent handle technical issues / customer complaints?
If the complaint is not supported by the first level, please forward to CRM team in order to liaise with Evolve Ltd.
How do I scan the license manually?
The Customer has to right click the relevant hard drive and select the manual scan option
If the device is infected by a virus do I need to format it and install?

No. F-Secure has its own tools to clean up the device

Can I install it to more than one device?
No. But you can transfer the subscription key to another device. The moment the key is transferred to a different device, the service will be unsubscribed from the first device.
What is the impact on the device if I install this?
There is no impact since F-Secure is one of the lightest softwares in the market
What are the contact details of the Local Agent available for F-Secure?
Evolve Technologies.
Contact Details –
Evolve Technologies (Pvt) Ltd
T: +94 114 349 565 |W: