Mobitel offers you the lowest rates in the country together with crystal clear clarity at per second & per minute based billing. 
All Mobitel Prepaid connections are IDD enabled. 
Activating IDD on your connection
Prepaid Postpaid
IDD is deposit free and pre-activated on all SMART connections. Customers can enjoy IDD calls up to the value of their credit limit without placing an additional deposit, upon completing 6 months(without disconnections)with the network.
A refundable deposit of Rs.2000/- is required from Mobitel Post Paid customers who had been with the network for less than 6 months.This is refundable upon completing 6 months.


  • Premier IDD Offers you the best quality calls with crystal clear clarity at per second billing facility.
  • Dial 00 <Country Code> <Recipient Number>


  • IDD Buddy offers you the most affordable way to call your loved ones and friends abroad at per minute and per second billing facility
  • Dial 100 <Country Code> <Recipient Number>


What is Mobitel Unlimited IDD ?

Mobitel offers an unlimited calling bundle for just Rs.750 + taxes.

Activation method

IDD talk time

Validity period

SMS : Type ‘ IDD UL’ and send to 433


14 days


  • Unlimited minutes – this includes calls taken to land/ mobile numbers & numbers dialed as Buddy / Premier
Who will be eligible for this promotion?
Mobitel prepaid users are eligible for this promotion.
What is the promotional period?
This is a continuous offer.
What happens if the customer puts an IDD card on top of the unlimited calling bundle?
Preference will be given to the Rs.750 unlimited bundle if the calling country is in the designated list of available countries.

Eg 1. Customer activates unlimited bundle + customer top-up with a Rs.95 IDD recharge card
Q : How will the customer be charged for a call made to Australia.
A : Since Australia is included in both the unlimited bundle and the Rs. 95 IDD bundle, the customer will be charged from the unlimited bundle.

Eg 2. Customer activates unlimited bundle + customer top-up with a Rs.95 IDD recharge card

Q :<.b> How will the customer be charged for a call made to UAE. A : Since UAE is not included in the unlimited bundle, the customer will be charged at the calling rates applied for the Rs.95 IDD bundle.
Are multiple activations possible?
No, multiple activations are not allowed.
What are the countries applicable for this offer?



Country code

















South Korea












United Kingdom


Note – If the customer calls a country other than in the list, the user will be charged at the normal rates.
How can I deactivate this service?
The bundle can be deactivated by sending SMS: Type ‘IDD DCT’ and send to 433
How can I get further information on this product?
You can dial 433 to get more information on the IDD unlimited bundle.


As the above dropdown list is under construction please refer the below link

View IDD Rates

IDD Card IDD Bonus up to Validity
Rs. 95.00 Rs. 175.00  7 days
Rs. 189.00 Rs. 500.00 14 days
Rs. 589.00 Rs. 1300.00 30 days
How can I check my remaining balance of the IDD bundle?
Send a text to 433 by typing “IDD BAL” to receive a text message with your balance on IDD voice or simply dial *100#
Can I use IDD cards while I am having a prepaid loan?
No. Initially you need to settle the prepaid loan to use IDD prepaid cards.
Can I do multiple recharges?
Yes, multiple recharges are possible.
What will happen if I need to use local services like voice calls & SMS services simultaneously with IDD?
To use local services, the customer needs to have the standard prepaid credit balance. Hence the charges for the local services will be deducted from the standard account balance.
What will happen after I complete using the full bundle offered in the IDD card?
Once you have used the full IDD bundle you will get charged standard IDD rates based on the dialing method from your prepaid account balance.
Can I carry on standard recharges/reloads after I have recharged my account using the IDD Pre Paid card?
Yes, standard reloads and recharges are possible. This will not affect your IDD prepaid card account balance.


Mobitel International SMS, helps you to simply send a text message to anyone in any part of the world for just 5 Rupees! 

International SMS FAQ's

You can also enjoy multimedia messaging to the following countries for just Rs.10 per message. 
International MMS is currently available to the following countries and networks.
Country Network
Australia Telstra
Austria H3G
Bahrain Batelco
Brunei B-Mobile
China China Mobile
Cyprus MTN
Czech republic O2
Hungary Pannon
Korea KTF
Norway Network
Pakistan Telenor
Portugal TMN
Saudi STC
Serbia Montenegro ProMonte
Serbia Montenegro Telenor Serbia
Slovakia 02
Taiwan KGT
U.A.E. Etisalat
Ukraine Life-Astelite
United Kingdom Hutchison 3G
South Africa MTN
Thailand AIS
Indonesia H3G