Maritime Roaming

1. What is Maritime Roaming?
The ability to use the mobile inside selected cruise ships and ferries
2. How can you activate maritime roaming service?
If you are a post-paid customer and have roaming activated on your SIM you can enjoy service. Maritime Roaming is offered in selected cruises / ferries. You can contact the Mobitel roaming Hotline for further information on the availability of roaming
3. What services can I use while on board?
You can make & receive calls and send & receive SMS
4. What rates will be charged for accessing this service?
You can contact the Roaming hotline on +94 714 555 555 to check rates
5. How can I make a call?
To make a call you have to dial the international prefix ("00" or "+") and the country code before the phone number.

Roaming Services