Mobitel Max

What is Mobitel MAX?
Mobitel MAX is a subscription based Prepaid package which allows freedom of talking without holding back.
What are the benefits in MAX?
Voice Minutes

1000 M2M


1000 M2M




(Will be split into two. 500MB Anytime and 500MB Night Time)

*Valid for 30 days

What are the charges applicable for over usage and for calls made to other networks in MAX?

Outgoing Calls to Any Network

Rs. 1.50

Outgoing SMS/MMS to Any Network

Rs. 0.20

Excess Rate Per MB

Rs. 0.30

Where can I buy a MAX?
From any Mobitel Branch, dealer, sub dealer or retailer outlet.
What are the charges applicable when buying a MAX?
Initial recharge of Rs. 500
Are existing Prepaid users allowed to upgrade their package to MAX?
  • Yes. Dial #147# and follow instructions (Select option 1).
  • Or visit the nearest Mobitel branch.
Note: - You must have Rs. 500 or more in your account to proceed with the package upgrade
How can I check the available balance in MAX?
Just dial *100#, you will receive a follow up SMS to inbox.
Can I subscribe for multiple bundles in MAX?
Yes. Just type 123 as a text message and send to 7678 or dial #7678# and follow the instructions.

Note: - You may maintain Rs. 340 in your account to proceed this request.

Will my MAX subscription be auto renewed?
Yes. Your subscription will be auto renewed on 24th of each month at the midnight.

Note: - You may maintain Rs. 295 in your account as the in order to succeed the auto renewal.

If I couldn’t maintain Rs. 295 or more in my account on 24th, what should I do to renew my subscription?
Just recharge your account with Rs. 295 or more. Subscription will be auto renewed.
Will my unutilized bundle in MAX be carried to next month?
No. unutilized bundles will be expired in 30 days.
If my account balance reaches zero, yet having free minutes, will I be able to use that?
Yes. You are eligible to use free minutes within the given subscribed period.
How can I unsubscribe the Mobitel Max package?
To unsubscribe the Mobitel Max package Dial #147# and select Standard Package


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