Mobitel Max

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What is Mobitel MAX ?
Mobitel MAX is a subscription based Prepaid add on plan, which allows freedom of talking without holding back.
What are the benefits of MAX ?
Voice minutes to any Mobitel 1000
SMS to any Mobitel 1000
DATA in Mega Bytes 1000
Validity 30 days from the date of subscription
What are the charges applicable for over usage and for calls made to other networks if exceed bundle assigned in MAX ?
Based on your previous tariff plan enjoyed. Dial #888# to view your charging plan
How can I subscribe for a MAX ?
Simply reload your account with Rs.295*
(*if you have any recurring charges to be deduct from your account or a un settled loan value, priority will be given to those recurring charges or settling loan value before MAX )
What are the charges applicable when subscribing a MAX ?
It is just Rs.240 + taxes.
Are existing Prepaid users allowed to subscribe to MAX ?
Yes. All Prepaid subscribers can subscribe to MAX add on plan by simply reloading Rs.295.
How can I check the available balance in MAX ?
Just dial *100#, you will receive a follow up SMS to inbox.
Can I subscribe for multiple bundles in MAX ?
Yes. Reload with any number of reloads each worth of Rs.295.
Will my MAX subscription be auto renewed?
No. Add on subscription is valid only for 30 days. Upon reaching expiry, you may require to recharge Rs.295 again to re-subscribe.
Will my unutilized bundle in MAX be carried to next month?
No. Unutilized bundles will expire exactly in 30 days from the date of subscription to MAX.
If my account balance reaches zero, yet having free minutes, will I be able to use that?
Yes. You are eligible to use free minutes within the given subscribed period.
How can I unsubscribe the Mobitel MAX ?
MAX bundle will auto expire in 30 days from the date of subscription.