One Mobitel eSim for all your personalities

What is e-SIM?
Presently the SIMs used by us are physical SIMs which comes as a card.
E-sim in other words Electronic SIM is an embedded SIM inside a phone. If the device has an E-sim you do not need to have a physical SIM.
Also, e-SIM is not operator specific. You can change the operator anytime you want without any hardware SIM swap.
Why do Smartphones come with e-SIM?
For Smartphone vendors the main benefit is, they can make the device smaller if it has e-SIM. Also, since there is not SIM tray etc. you can make the devices waterproof much easier
. But since E-sims are still not widely available initial smartphones will come as hybrid (1 physical SIM + 1 e-SIM)
What benefits customers have with e-SIM?
  • No SIM related hardware issues (No broken SIMs etc.)
  • Can keep multiple profiles (1 e-SIM can accommodate many operators in multiple countries)
What does customers need to know?
  • Need to keep the QR code with them since it’s the only method to activate the SIM. But if they lose it, they can retrieve it from Mobitel.
  • Need some technical knowledge to activate. Otherwise Mobitel staff needs to help.
  • To change devices, customer needs to get another e-SIM change from Mobitel.
What are the devices supported?
Initially the supported devices will be,
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhones XS Max
What are the options Mobitel will provide to customers?
  • New Mobitel connections with e-SIM
  • Number matching for new connections
  • IMSI change to e-SIM
  • IMSI change from e-SIM to standard SIM
  • Pre to post and post to pre conversion
What happens if a customer loses an e-SIM activated phone?
Customer needs to change the e-SIM to another e-SIM or a physical SIM from Mobitel.
How do I activate e-SIM?
Process document will be sent separately.
How does customer manage e-SIM?
Process document will be sent separately.
Who should you contact for system issues and customer issues?
First escalation should be to the sales support teams (Consumer sales or Enterprise)
How to troubleshoot iPhone related issues?
Please follow the following steps.
  • IOS must be up-to date (Must be IOS 12.2 or later, prefer latest)
  • Device must be Factory unlocked
  • If IOS is up-to date, check whether carrier updates are installed or not. If not, please install them. You have no method to check if they are installed or not. But you can check whether there are updates have or not by following below steps.

    a. Connected to internet
    b. Go to settings->General->About and wait
    c. If there any updates pop-up will show and then update
    d. If update happens please wait for 2-3 min and restart the device and check again
    e. If all carrier updates are installed, please wait 2-3 min and restart device and go to next step.
  • Then check for non-removed, unusable cellular plans on the list.

    a.Go to Settings->Cellular-> Under cellular plans if there any unused cellular plans, please delete them and/or update cellular plans (This can be done by go back to settings then go to cellular and under cellular plans touching on the removed cellular plans and touch update contacts).
  • After generating QR and scanning it,

    a. Go to Settings-> Cellular -> Add Cellular Plan and scan the QR.
    b. Profile will download
    c. After successfully completing above steps, if any error message appears please ignore it and check the signal bars. If no signal bars are showing, put phone to airplane mode and disable airplane mode and check.