mPower 190

Monthly rental : Rs.190
Free Voice Bundle : Rs.150 worth of free local calls, SMS and MMS
Free Data Bundle : Rs 40 worth of Data (250MB)*


M2M / M2O Voice (per min) - : Rs.1.50
M2M /M2O per SMS - : 20 cents
M2M / M2O per MMS - : 20 cents
GPRS/EDGE/HSPA Data Rate per MB - : 20 cents
Connection Fee - : Rs. 100
Refundable Deposit - : Rs. 1000

* The Data Entitlement of each of the package can be used as follows:

  • To access data up to the amount noted  within brackets  and the  Equivalent Rupee Value of the remainder  to make local calls send SMS and MMS
  • To make local calls send SMS and MMS  up to the Full  Rupee Value mentioned


*Government levies and taxes apply

  • M2M - Mobitel to Mobitel
  • M2O - Mobitel to other (local networks)