mPower 790

Monthly rental : Rs.790
Free Voice Bundle : Rs.600 worth of free local calls, SMS and MMS
Free Data Bundle : Rs 190 worth of Data (1900MB)*


M2M /M2O Voice (per min) - : Rs.1.50
M2M /M2O per SMS - : 20 cents
M2M /M2O per MMS - : 20 cents
GPRS/EDGE/HSPA Data Rate per MB - : 20 cents
Connection Fee - : Rs. 100
Refundable Deposit - : Rs.1500

* The Data Entitlement of each of the package can be used as follows:

  • To access data up to the amount noted  within brackets  and the  Equivalent Rupee Value of the remainder  to make local calls send SMS and MMS
  • To make local calls send SMS and MMS  up to the Full  Rupee Value mentioned


TRC/M/Promo/14/09 | TRC/M/Promo/14/10 | TRC/M/Promo/14/11

*Government levies and taxes apply

M2M - Mobitel to Mobitel

M2O - Mobitel to other (local networks)

Plans (Valid before 15th July 2010)

If you’ve acquired your Mobitel connection before 15th July 2010, there were six packages available for you. For details of the packages Click Here.