Valentine mTunes Promotion

1. How to participate in this promotion?

All postpaid and prepaid individual subscribers (see terms and conditions for exclusions) who are active with the mTunes service and purchase at least one song from the given list during the promotion period will be eligible for a draw, 25 Winners will be selected from the draw and winners will be free from Song Renewal charge and Subscription charge for 12 months after the winners’ selection.

2. What is the promotion period?
13th February to 28th February
3. How will the winners being informed?
Winners will be contacted via phone from 0712755777
4. What is the benefit for the winners?
The MTUNE Subscription & Renewal will be free for the winners for 12 months from the date of announcement of winners by Mobitel.
5. What is the song list?

Song Name

Song Code



Menike mage hithe


Ithin ko


Obata Lanvee


Dangakara Hedakari


Giman Harina


Andha Kanna Paathaakaa




All of Me




6. How can the customers activate mTune ?
Dialing 777/ mTune App & via web (
7. What will happen after the winners free period is over?
Standard mTune charges + taxes will be applied.
8. What are the Terms & Conditions?
  • In order to be eligible, a user must be an active mTune subscriber who has purchased at least one song during the promotion period. Users can listen to the list of songs and activate them the ringing tone by dialing 777 / mTune app / web.

  • Winners will be picked by a system generated report conducted in presence of Mobitel Internal Audit on the draw dates.

  • Winners will be contacted via phone from 0712755777

  • In case of an unreachable winner; there will be three attempts made via phone within 6 hours and if not reachable the next record of the report will be picked as the winner. The previous record will be discarded.

  • From the song activation date (within the promotion period) to the winner’s selection date the subscribers are subject to standard mTune charges with taxes.

  • Winners will be announced after final date of entry for the particular month.

  • Prize offer will be offered only to the registered owner of the connection or a person nominated by the registered owner in writing. Prizes cannot be negotiated by the winner.

  • Mobitel staff, Suppliers and Business partners of Mobitel, Advertising Agency and their immediate family members will not be eligible to participate in this competition.

  • The participants agree to indemnify Mobitel for any technical errors which may occur during the competition period.

  • Mobitel holds the right to the winner selection and the decision shall be the final.

  • The prizes will be awarded to the winners who have duly paid all amounts payable for the use of all Mobitel’s services. This includes all due mobile bills connected under the National identity card number of the winner