Features & Rates


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Mobitel Prepaid plans offer great perks such as:

  • Island wide coverage
  • Free incoming
  • Caller ID, Call waiting, Call forwarding
  • 24/7 Customer service
  • Recharge from just about anywhere: for more on the different recharge options go to How to recharge.
  • Use your own number abroad with Auto enabled Roaming.
  • Call abroad with pre enabled IDD.
  • Discover High Speed Internet with Prepaid Internet Plans.

Get everything you need in a mobile service at the best possible rates: calls, text messaging, data services, use of the video and the internet; and best of all, the widest possible coverage and availability. Opt for Prepaid today! 

Basic Tariff Plan

  Voice/Video SMS (per msg) MMS (per msg)
Mobitel to Mobitel Rs.1.50 20 cents 20 cents
Mobitel to other local no's Rs.1.50 20 cents 20 cents
Data (Gprs/Edge/Hspa)

10KB block at the rate of Rs:0.01 (1cents)

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SMS Texter Plan

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Added Benefits:

  • Pick up a Loan when you are out of credit.
  • Share balance with your friends and loved ones when out of credit with Share.

Conditions apply:

  • Customers who are not on this Prepaid Tariff Plan can switch to a free-of- charge plan by dialing #147# on their handsets.
  • All rates are subject to Government taxes and levies. (Conditions apply.)
  • All Local Calls will be charged on a per minute basis.
  • SMS and MMS are charged on a per message basis.


Previous Basic Package (Before 15th July 2010)