Remix Pre paid Plans

Remix Pre Paid Plans

Enjoy Free M2M voice minutes, SMS, Data, VAS minutes & 50% Discounts on excess Data usage in 3 fabulous add-on Prepaid Packages

  VOICE M2m (mins) SMS M2M DATA

VAS (mins) Cricket 123, Entertainment 555,mGuide 888

DATA DISCOUNT within validity period when free Data is exeeded ACTIVATION method
Rs.16-3 Day Remix 10 Free 15 Free 20 MB Free 5 Free 50% OFF* SMS R16 to 649
Rs.40-7 Day Remix 25 Free 50 Free 50 MB Free 10 Free 50% OFF* SMS R40 to 649
Rs.80-21 Day Remix 50 Free 50 Free 150 MB Free 20 Free 50% OFF* SMS R80 to 649


  • Quick activation menu Dial #649#
  • Above plans can be activated in multiples and in combinations. Individual validity will apply for each request.
  • To check the remaining balance of each bundle dial *100#
  • Government taxes and levies apply.
  • Standard data rate is Rs.1 per 1000KB.
  • Some conditions apply.


1. What is “REMIX”?

REMIX consist of three fabulous add-on plans for Pre-Paid users which offers FREE M2M voice minutes, FREE SMS, FREE Data, FREE VAS minutes and 50% discount on excess data usage (GPRS) within the validity period of the plans.

2. What are the three “REMIX” plans?

ReMix16, ReMix40 and ReMix80 are the three REMIX plans available which standout from each owing to the bundles offered, validity and subscription fees.

3. What are the free entitlements of ReMix16, ReMix40 and ReMix80?
REMIX Plans Remix 16 Remix 40 Remix 80
Subscription fee  without Taxes Rs. 16.00 Rs. 40.00 Rs. 80.00
Subscription fee  with Tax Rs. 19.59 Rs. 48.98 Rs. 97.96
Free Minutes (M2M) 10 FREE 25 FREE 50 FREE
Free SMS (M2M) 15 FREE 50 FREE 50 FREE
Free Data (Data MB) 20MB FREE 50MB FREE 150MB FREE
Minutes to a VAS portal(Sports (123) +Entertainment (555) + Mguide (888) 5 FREE 10 FREE 20 FREE
GPRS rate above Free Data Bundle (per MB) within the validity period of the Plan Rs.0.50 Rs. 0.50 Rs. 0.50
Validity 3 Days 7 Days 21 Days
4. How do I activate REMIX plans?
  • For REMIX 16 type R16 and send it to 649
  • For REMIX 40 type R40 and send it to 649
  • For REMIX 80 type R80 and send it to 649
5. Are there any other methods to activate REMIX Plans?

Yes, REMIX plans can be activated by dialing #649# and selecting 1 for R16, 2 for R40 and 3 for R80.

6. What is the option to check the remaining Free Bundles in the Remix Plan?

To check the bundle dial *100# and you’ll get the following SMS stating your REMIX bundle.

SMS – “You have M2M – XX Mins, M2M SMS – XX, Data – XXX.XX Mb, VAS – XX Mins”

7. What is the 50% discounted data charging applicable for?

Once the free data offered on ReMix is consumed, the excess data usage will be entitle to 50% discount on standard GPRS rates (which is Rs.1/- per Mb) till the expiration of the validity period.

8. What are the VAS minutes valid for?

(555) and Mguide (888) portals. Any subscription services on VAS will be subject to the respective fees.

9. How do I check the expiry of each Remix plan I activate?

With each Remix plan you activate you will receive an SMS with the expiry date of the plan

10. Can Multiple REMIX plans be activated?


11. Can combinations of REMIX plans be activated?


12. What will be the validity of combination / multiple activations of REMIX Plans?

Each REMIX successful activation request would carry its own validity period.

E.g.: if you activate ReMix16 on January 1st and ReMix40 on January 2nd, REMIX 16 will be valid until 3rd January and ReMix40 will be valid until 8th January.

13. How is the validity of REMIX plans calculated?

The validity of the plan includes the day your plan is activated and it expires at midnight on the date of the expiry.

E.g.: If you activate ReMix16 on 1st of February the REMIX plan will be valid until the midnight of 3rd February

14. Can REMIX plans be activated with a SMART Loan balance?


15. Can Data or BlackBerry Plans be activated while on a REMIX Plan?

Yes and the data bundle priority will be given for Delight and BlackBerry data bundle.