Mobitel 9-IN-1 Non-Stop Lokka

1. What is Mobitel Non-Stop Lokka?

Mobitel Non-Stop Lokka is a Content based plan which provides you Non-Stop access to 9 apps and additional 2GB (1GB Anytime+1GB 4G Only) for Just Rs.361+ tax. (Rs.398 with tax).

a. YouTube

b. Facebook

c. Instagram

d. LinkedIn

e. Twitter

f. WhatsApp

g. Viber

h. IMO

i. FB Messenger

**Post paid plan – 1st month Data Bundles / rental will be prorated.

2. How to activate Mobitel Non-Stop Lokka?

You can activate this by.


  • Dial #170# > Content Based Plans > Mobitel Non-Stop Lokka
  • Via SMS – Send 9IN1 to 160
  • Via reload for Prepaid (It is advised to check for any pending rentals or due loans prior recharging)
  • Via DataMart or Self-care Apps


3. What is the plan validity?

Prepaid customers will be able to enjoy the plan for a period of 30 days.

Postpaid customer → Bill run , Auto renew

4. How to check balance

Prepaid → To check FUP balance and validity, please type DB and to 160 or 7678.

Postpaid → type Usage and send to 4567

Balance view on DataMart / Seflcare app

5. What is the FUP?

UP on 4G Networks – Unlimited usage for the aforementioned 9 applications with unrestricted speeds up to 30GB. Once 30GB is reached, unlimited usage at 1Mbps speeds.

FUP on 3G Networks - Unlimited usage at 1Mbps speeds.

6. How to remove speed restrictions on the apps once 30GB FUP is reached on 4G Network

Type HD 9IN1 and send to 160 (only for prepaid)

7. How to re-apply 1Mbps speed and use the apps on 4G Networks?
Type FREE 9IN1 and send to 160 (only for prepaid)
8. Other conditions

Usage for the aforementioned 9 apps will be completely Free but very low Data charges may occur due to background apps and other processes.

It is not advised to use Proxy browsers (Opera Etc.) & VPNs when using this package as it may lead to charging issues.

Prepaid connections: Can be used when account balance is 0 or No data. But if account had been in suspend mode for several days and DATA is not connecting to the SIM, it is advised to bring the account to active state by a recharge.


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