mCash introduces Standing Orders from your mobile for the first time in Sri Lanka

mCash introduces Standing Orders from your mobile for the first time in Sri Lanka

The National Mobile Service Provider Mobitel’s mobile money platform, mCash recently launched a facility providing customers the ease of giving a standing order via mCash to schedule payments to other mCash users and pay key utilities and other bills. This hassle-free service will be another first from mCash, allowing mCash customers to schedule pre-defined payments at regular intervals using a mobile phone to other mCash users such as family & friends and also to over 40 key service providers including Insurance, Electricity, Water, Telephone and Leasing, for the first time in Sri Lanka. Mobitel has always been in the forefront of ICT innovation and introducing this innovative service offering through mCash to further enhance the convenience of customers stands testament to this. 
Taking the offering a step further, the service also sends out free SMS reminders before the due date to ensure the customer is always updated. In the event the payment is not successful, it provides free follow up reminders via SMS and also re-checks the possibility of making the payment, 7 days continuously from the due date. This entire service offering is easy to schedule and provided to mCash customers at no extra cost. This service also enables mCash customers to not have to worry about missing important payments again as mCash will take care of settling the payments on the pre-defined date scheduled by the customer.  
To access mCash Standing Orders, customers are requested to dial #111# from any Mobitel and Etisalat connection, select Standing Orders from the provided menu and schedule payments accordingly.
Having experienced rapid growth over the years with a growing clientele, mCash has enabled its users to maintain a mobile money account to experience a whole new quick and convenient method of carrying out monetary transactions. Licensed under the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, mCash provides a full range of services that include Top up, withdrawals, money transfers, paying utility bills, insurance premiums and leasing payments, settling payments for government taxes, making charitable donations and purchases for goods and services. mCash has an extensive Retailer network of  16,000+ touch points islandwide including Mobitel Branches, SLT Teleshops and Singer Mega outlets, Supermarkets, Leading Banks,  650 + Commercial Bank ATM’s for cardless withdrawals and  300 + Pay & Go kiosks located in central areas for mCash services. To register for mCash simply dial #111# from your Mobitel or Etisalat phone to get started.


Released date: 
Thursday, ජුනි 1, 2017

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