How much is the pre-paid 12GB SIM pack?
The pre-paid data SIM pack is priced at Rs. 200/=
How can I Buy/Activate the 12GB SIM?
Simply by visiting any of our Mobitel branches or Dealers 
What offers am I entitled to from the 12GB SIM?
Bundle Validity Period Offer Period Excess usage charge during the validity period
(0.00am to 8.59am- 1GB
9.00am to 11.59pm -1GB)
30 days 6 months 50 cents per MB
Do I require an initial top up to use the pre-paid 12GB SIM pack?
Yes, you have to make a reload worth of Rs.100/= to get the 2GB. The system will validate the account balance and charge Rs.100/= and release the 2GB for the given month. Similarly, after 30 days you will have to have Rs.100 on your account to get the second month bundle.
Ex: If you reload Rs.100 on 15th of this month, you will have to have Rs.100 on your account on 15th of next month to get the 2nd month 2GB. Similarly, you will receive the bundles for 6 months on each 15th if you have the sufficient balance (Rs.100) on your account.
What will happen if I don’t have the sufficient balance to receive the 2GB bundle in the next cycle?
The system will continuously check for the sufficient account balance during the promotion validity period (6 months) to offer the 2GB.
Can I use other prepaid services while on the 12GB SIM?
 Yes, you can use other services and the standard rates would still apply.
What happens to the 12GB SIM after 6 months?
 You can continue using the SIM by activating our New Data Add-on plans through #170#. But the 12GB promotion will end after 6months. 

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