මාසික ගාස්තුව බදු රහිත (රු. ) : 3490
නොමිලයේ ලැබෙන දත්ත ප්‍රමාණය (GB) : 28
නොමිලේ ලැබෙන SMS (M2M) : 200
අතිරේක භාවිතා ගාස්තු (රු. ) : 0.15/MB
නැවත ලබා ගත හැකි තැන්පතු (රු. ) : 4,500
සම්බන්ධතා ගාස්තුව (රු. ) : 100
මූලික ණය සීමාව (රු. ) : 4500
Associated Sub Lines : 4
Connection Fee/per Sub Line (Rs.) : 100
SMS M2M 10 cents
SMS M2O 25 cents
SMS to International Numbers Rs. 5/=
Mfax Monthly Subscription Rs. 100 & Reg Fee free
M3 Apps (E-mail) – Reg. Fee Free, Monthly Subscription Rs. 50/=
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Other Features / Add-on plans

Content Based Charging Plans

Name of Plan Content Type Monthly Fee (Rs.) FUP Activation Code –  SMS to 160  
Social Networking




99 990 MB Type Act SN 900 MB: FB ) & (90 MB: Twitter & LinkedIn)



49 490 MB Type Act M  
You Tube You Tube 249 2490 MB Type Act YT  
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Voice Services on Broadband Connection:

Now you can activate Voice Services on your broadband connection. All you have to do is Type ACT VOICE and sms to 2545

Activation method Type ACT VOICE and sms to 2545
Mobitel to Mobitel Voice/Video Calls Rs.1 per min
Mobitel to Others Voice/Video Calls (Local) Rs.2 per min
Activation Fee FREE
Rental (Additional) FREE


Mobitel to Mobitel (M2M) 10 cents
Mobitel to Other Local Networks (M2O) 25 cents
Mobitel to International (M2I) Rs.5


Now, get your own fax number without investing in a fax machine. Send <mFAX> as an SMS from your modem interface to 7575.

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