SMS Roaming

1. How do I activate roaming on my SIM?
Action Send a SMS to 9911
To Activate Type ACT1: About half an hour before you leave Sri Lanka, which will disable calls but enable SMS roaming.
To Deactivate Type DCT1: After you return to Sri Lanka, which will enable you to make and receive calls as well as SMS.
2. Do I have to keep a deposit to activate this service?
No. Activating SMS Roaming is absolutely free.
3. How do I send text messages while I'm Roaming?
You have to send it as:
Country code + Mobile number
For example, +94 714 555 555
4. How much will I be charged for my SMSs on SMS roaming?
Rates vary between destinations and networks on which you roam.
Call Mobitel Roaming Hotline on +94 714 555 555 for more details.
5. What are the services I can make use of while on SMS roaming?
Once you have SMS roaming activated on your SIM, your voice calls (incoming & outgoing calls), will get barred until you deactivate the service. But you can make use of SMS Home, and any other SMS based services.