Keep Chatting Initiative

Suicide in Sri Lanka has become a problem and exacerbated by the fact that people associate so much stigma to it and rarely talk about it. One of the main reasons for young individuals ending their lives is Depression, which at most times is set in by an overwhelming feeling of loneliness. Individuals fail to understand that Depression is an illness like any other, which can be treated. There are several ways to get out of Depression and individuals suffering from it should know they are never alone. There’s always someone to reach out to and talk to. This is exactly what Mobitel’s ‘Keep Chatting’ initiative tackles. It encourages those suffering from depression or any emotional problem to share their feelings with family, friends or professionals. In order to challenge negative thoughts it is vital to reach out and stay connected. Depression isn’t the end of the world. There’s always someone to talk to. Keep chatting...

Hitha Danne Mithuranne by Ashanthi Ft. Randhir & Manasick.

Join us in the fight against depression by downloading this song from Mobitel mTunes. With every download , the proceeds go in creating a fund to train psychologists to counsel those suffering from depression. Download from your mobile.



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