Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Emergency Alert Service
  • The Customer shall be solely responsible for the appointment of the Nominees who should receive the Emergency Alerts from the Customer.
  • Responsive action by the Nominees upon receipt of the Emergency Alert shall be at the sole discretion of the Nominees and Mobitel shall not be responsible and excludes all liabilities arising due to the failure by the Nominee/s to duly respond to the Emergency Alerts sent by the Customer.
  • The Customer at its own expense shall indemnify Mobitel and defend MOBITEL and its employees against any demand, suit, action or proceeding based on or arising from a claim brought by a third party claiming any nuisance has been caused to him by being appointed as a Nominee by the Customer and/or by receipt of the Emergency Alerts from Mobitel.
  • The Customer accepts and acknowledges that Mobitel’s action on the triggering of the Emergency Alerts service by the Customer shall be limited to sending the Emergency Alerts to the Nominees and no further action will be taken by Mobitel.
  • The Customer accepts and acknowledges that due to the inherent nature of the telecommunication services Mobitel cannot warrant a breakdown free Service and Mobitel shall exclude all liabilities arising from any, defects or breakdowns in the Services
  • Mobitel’s total liability towards Customers under this Service shall be limited to restoring the Services to normal operating order and specifically excludes direct or consequential damages.
  • Mobitel’s aggregate liability arising under, with respect to or in connection with this Contract shall not exceed the total monies received during the preceding three months by Mobitel in respect of this Service.

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