Unlimited YouTube


What is YouTube unlimited plan ?
This is an unlimited plan offered by Mobitel which facilitates unlimited YouTube streaming for customers. This plan also comes with an additional 25GB Data for HD streaming on 4G networks.
Is this an Unlimited plan?
How much is the rental?
Rs. 360
What is the plan validity?
30 days – Prepaid
Auto Renewed on the Bill Date – Postpaid
Who can activate this?
Prepaid and Postpaid customers.
How to activate this plan?
Via Reloading Rs.360 
How to deactivate the plan? (Only for Postpaid customers)
Type DCT YT and send to 160
How to check balance?
Type DB and send to 160 (Both Prepaid and Postpaid)
Are multiple activations allowed?
Can this plan be activated with a combination of other prepaid plans?
Can an unutilized bundle be carried forward to the next month?
What is the FUP?
25GB (on 4G Networks Only) – Can be used to watch YouTube in HD.
Is there an FUP for 3G customers?
No. 3G customers can browse YouTube throughout the validity period on 360p resolution, at a speed of 1Mbps.
What happens for 4G customers once the FUP reaches?
The speeds will throttle down to 1Mbps.
Maximum resolution will be 360p
Once the FUP reaches, can the customers watch YouTube on High resolution (Above 360p)?
3G customers can’t watch YouTube on HD throughout the plan validity. 25GB FUP is not applicable for 3G Customers as well.
4G customers can watch YouTube in HD after reaching the FUP, by switching off the YouTube plan
How to switch to HD mode in YouTube plan?
Type ACT HD and send to 160
Can a customer switch to HD mode in YouTube plan within the FUP period?
What happens once the customer switch to HD YouTube plan?
Data will be consumed using his standard data plan and the customer can watch YouTube at maximum resolution and can enjoy the maximum speeds available.
How to switch to FREE mode in YouTube plan again and watch YouTube FREE?
By typing ACT FREE and sending to 160.
What happens when the customer switched back to FREE mode in the YouTube plan?
Speeds will drop to 1Mbps and Max resolution will be 360p.
No charges will be applied for YouTube.
How many times a customer can switch between modes?
Any number of times the customer wants within the plan validity
How to check whether the YouTube is turned ON or OFF for the YouTube Plan?
Using customers SMS Alerts. He will be sent a Notification
Will the plan be auto renewed for Postpaid Customers?
Can this plan be used in Routers ?
Yes. This can be used in routers
Can this plan be used on other devices using Wi-Fi Hotspot ?
Yes. Other devices can enjoy the plan on Wi-Fi Hotspot from a device which has the plan active.
What are the other conditions ?
  • YouTube experience will be completely Free but very low Data charges may occur for background apps and for YouTube advertisements which play outside the video (Banners/Pop Ads)
  • It is not advised to use Non-Mobitel DNS, Proxy browsers (Opera Etc.) and VPNs when using this package.
  • Postpaid plan is not sharable among Wi-Fi+Sublines
  • Postpaid Plan 1st month rental and bundle will be prorated.