Upahara Offer

What are the latest Device offers available under ICT Upahara offer?
  • Offer I – Device installment Scheme for Government sector retired Pensioners Registered under the Dept. of Pensions
Model Huawei Y5 Lite Samsung A10S

Contract Period 24 Months 24 Months
Market Price Rs.14,499 Rs.26,490
Upahara Installment Scheme Rs.434 X 24 Months Rs.700 X 24 Months

  • Offer II – Device Discount offer for Existing & Retired Government sector employees.
Model Huawei Y5 Lite Samsung A10S

Contract Period

12 months

24 months

Market Price



Special Upahara Price



Offer Joining Fee

Rs.1,000 (Inclusive tax)

Rs.1,000 (Inclusive tax)

What are the documents the customers should produce to obtain this special offer?
  • Post Paid Subscriber Application
  • Duly completed Customer agreement
  • Current Employees - Employment identification ID or official document certifying the service of the said subscriber as employee of the government institution Pensioners – Pension ID issued from Department of pensions
  • National Identity Card
  • Proof of Billing

    Water/ electricity
    Bank Statements
  • SLT Bills
What are the package Options available under this offer for new customers?

Monthly Rental

(inclusive device value)

Rs.315 + Taxes

Rs.240 + Taxes

Voice Offer

M2M 500 Minutes

1,000 Minutes for Mobitel & Fixed Line numbers

SMS Bundle


1,000  M2M SMS

DATA Offer

Free 2GB

1GB Day Time/1GB Night Time

1GB Data Monthly

Can Existing Upahara customers obtain the device only under this scheme?
Yes, if you an existing Upahara customer and does not have an ongoing device contract under this scheme, you can purchase a new device.
What is the penalty value for early termination of the contract period?
In the event of disconnection of the connection before completing contract period below penalty process will be applied
  • ICT Phase I installment scheme: Device installment value (Rs.434 or rs,700) X remaining no of months in the contract period + Tax (1.01%)
  • ICT Phase II Device discount offer: Rs.150 X remaining no of months in the 12 months’ period + Tax (1.01%)
Can a customer who obtained a Samsung A10S device through phase 2, obtain a new device after 12 months?
No, even though the penalty period is 12 months, renewal will be enabled after the contract period of 24 months.
What is recovery process applicable for pensioners?
All due bills and penalty values will be recovered from customer pension payment as mentioned in the customer agreement.
How many connections + Device can a customer obtain under this offer?
  • Only 1 connection/Device per NIC.
  • Standard NIC restriction & credit validations will be applicable
What is the warranty offered on the device?
Warranty is offered for 1 year for manufacture defects only.