Getting Started
What is mCash?
mCash allows you to experience a whole new method of carrying out financial transactions by maintaining a Mobile Money Account. This is both convenient and easy to use. You will be able to deposit, withdraw, transfer funds as well as purchase goods and services and even pay your utility bills .
Who can use the mCash service?
All Pre Paid and Post Paid customers of Mobitel.



Customers can now conveniently pay utility bills,
local government bills, and Takeful insurance premiums and top-up their mCash accounts at any Amana Bank branch around the island.


Step 1: Simply dial #111# and follow the instructions that appear on your screen

Step 2: After you register successfully, you will receive a SMS notification

Please ensure that your PIN is kept confidential at all times.

Account Types


Basic Account

You could register for a Basic mCash Account by dialing #111# and upon registration you’ll be entitled to an account limit of Rs. 10,000.

Enhanced Account

If you wish to, you may upgrade your account to an Enhanced Account with an account limit of Rs. 25,000.
Please visit your nearest Mobitel Service Point or download the application form and submit it to the nearest Mobitel Service Point to upgrade to an Enhanced Account.



1. What is the new service launched with Union Bank of Colombo PLC?

mCash Collaborates with Union Bank to offer Agency Banking Services to their customers via mCash Platform. This service will enable the customers of Union Bank to make Deposits, Loan and Credit Card Repayments via mCash Channels conveniently.

2. Who are eligible to do transactions via mCash?

Any Union Bank customer can make deposits and payments to Union Bank of Colombo PLC.

3. How can customers perform Deposits and Loan/Credit Card payments to UB?

Customers can make deposits or loan/credit card payments to Union Bank by visiting any of the SLT-Mobitel branches island wide.

4. How can customers make their deposits & payments to Union Bank via SLTMobitel branch Network?

Anyone can make their payments to Union Bank using the following steps;

  • Visit the nearest SLT-Mobitel branch location
  • Inform the SLT-Mobitel staff member that you need to make a deposit/payment to Union Bank
  • Inform Savings/ Current Account (CASA) number, Loan Account number or Credit Card Account Number (as per the requirement)
  • Inform the amount you wish to deposit/pay
  • Inform the NIC number and the contact Mobile number of the depositor

A confirmation SMS will be sent to the given contact mobile number upon successful payment

5. Is it required to provide the Credit Card Number?

Union Bank customers are required to provide the 12 digit Credit Card account number linked to their respective UB Credit card to make their payments via mCash. Payments cannot be accepted if the 16 Digit Credit Card number is provided. Hence, it is mandatory for the customer to provide the 12-digit account number.

6. What are the Transaction limits for Union Bank Services?

Below are the maximum amounts that could be paid via mCash per day:

  • Union Bank CASA Deposits – Rs. 50,000 (Per Account & Per NIC)
  • Union Bank Loan Repayments - Rs. 100,000 (Per Account & Per NIC)
  • Union Bank Credit Card Payments - Rs. 100,000 (Per Account & Per NIC)
7. How long does it take to update the deposit/payment?

All Union Bank deposits and payments made via mCash are updated real-time.

8. What are extra charges for availing this service?

Deposits and Loan/Credit Card repayments of Union Bank via mCash is free of cost.

9. How to know if the payment is successful?

After each deposit, loan/credit card payment made via mCash, a Confirmation SMS will be sent confirming the transaction to the provided Mobile number.

Similarly, an SMS will be sent by Union Bank to the respective account holder’s mobile number maintained at their system.

10. Where to contact for enquiries?

Customers may contact Union Bank for any enquiries via 011 5 800 800.