About Us
Mobitel Overview

Mobitel, which started operations in 1993, became a wholly owned subsidiary of SLT in October 2002 – making it 20 years of being Sri Lanka’s National Mobile Service Provider.

Over a two-decade period, Mobitel has achieved many a milestone. In January 2004, the company launched its fully-fledged 2.5G GSM network that is EDGE/GPRS enabled and designed to operate on dual band. In December 2007, the company launched its 3.5G HSPA network - the first Super 3.5G network in South Asia. Further, Mobitel successfully demonstrated HSPA + MIMO technology with down link speed up to 28.8 Mbps and carried out successful trial of 4G/LTE technology with downlink speed exceeding 96 Mbps, for the first time in the South Asian Region. Investments committed to date in the 2.5G/3.5G/4G networks and service offering amounts to over US$ 500mn.

The company continued with its strategy which is positioned around value innovation and customer centricity firmly believing that, it can serve well, by making the best out of the technology being used, distribution systems, product portfolio, services and value added services, with heightened acumen concerning customer needs and interests. It led the company to seek an enhanced market position characterised by improved market share as well as strong revenue and product growth. In addition, it enabled the company to build a strong brand image, dynamic and happening, with improved visibility at strategic locations, leveraging on the success of its illustrious parent company - SLT.

The company is in the process of upgrading its network to a Next Generation Network, and is poised to assume a lead role in bringing cutting edge mobile technology that would inevitably help shape the next ICT led technological development phase of Sri Lanka.

With a strategy of 'value innovation', the Mobitel customer always wins. Mobitel believes that technology for its own sake is meaningless, and fosters an organizational culture that focuses on Customer Centricity. This philosophy which is a way of life at Mobitel has enabled to build long lasting relationships with Customers, which is evident by the ever increasing customer base which currently stands beyond the 4 million mark. The features and benefits built into the Innovative packages that Mobitel offer are all designed carefully with the customer's best interest at heart, standing by its slogan of "We Care. Always.".

The Company

Our Vision

To lead Sri Lanka towards an info-com and knowledge rich society through our service offerings
Every employee has a role to play in our vision to lead, helping us to focus our efforts and remain a truly dynamic and successful organization.


Our Mission

To Care, Share & Deliver
These are the 3 key ingredients in our relationship with our Shareholders, Employees, and Customers. Committing to these 3 principles as an individual and as a team and by regularly practicing them as an organization, we can truly achieve our vision to lead.

Milestone Achievements
  • 1993 - Commenced operations
  • 2002 - Became a wholly owned subsidiary of SLT
  • 2004 - Launched its fully-fledged 2.5G GSM network that is EDGE/GPRS enabled and designed to operate on dual band
  • 2007 - Launched its ‘super 3.5G’ network in December 2007 becoming the first in South Asia to implement a 3.5G HSPA network and being placed within the first ten in the world to do so
  • 2008 - Hilton Colombo partnered Mobitel in the launch of the M3 Café.
  • 2009
    • Became the official sponsor of the Sri Lanka Cricket Team leading up to the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup Tournament
    • Entered into a partnership with Google, a Global name synonymous with the World Wide Web, to introduce "M3 Apps", an exclusive suite of services powered by Google Apps.
    • Became the first network in South Asia to Demonstrate HSPA+ MIMO to achieve 28 Mbps
  • 2010
    • Mobitel becomes the founding operator from Sri Lanka to support ‘1 Goal: Education for All’ Mobile Campaign at the Mobile World Congress.
    • Mobitel joins the GSMA 'mWomen' Global initiative & empowers Sri Lankan Women.
    • A landmark partnership heralding a new era in m-Commerce is announced - Mobitel partners Sony to bring FeliCa (NFC) Technology to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel, Official Sponsor of the Sri Lanka Cricket Team

Colombo - 26th May, 2009

The National Mobile Service Provider, Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel comes forward as the official sponsor of the Sri Lanka Cricket Team.

Minister of Sports and Public Recreation Hon. Gamini Lokuge commenting on the new partnership said, "Sri Lanka is fortunate and proud to be able to realise the fusion of two national bodies with high brand equity, Sri Lanka Cricket and Sri Lanka Telcom Mobitel, in the promotion of our nation's undisputed source of pride, our National Cricket Team. The new partnership between Sri Lanka Cricket and Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel is historic in that, two national bodies that characterise national strength and unity are joining forces to promote Sri Lanka Cricket at a time the nation has entered a new phase of growth and development, united, free and strong. We are confident that the synergies of the combination will contribute to many more victories for Sri Lanka on the international cricket scene and help strengthen the Sri Lanka brand".

Since securing Test Status in 1983 Sri Lanka Cricket has emerged as one of the leading cricketing nations of the world. Sri Lanka holds the distinction of winning its first test match within the shortest time for any country since obtaining test status. To the bewildering of many critics, Sri Lanka won the ICC World Cup in 1996 after delivering an entertaining performance that captured the attention of the cricketing spectators and audiences the world over. That victory which won fame, respect and glory for Sri Lanka ushered Sri Lanka Cricket into its present status with many victories in the fold and earning celebrity status for the game, now played in every street, field and open space in the country.

In the next few years Sri Lanka Cricket will host several international teams and tournaments and undertake several international reciprocal tours and tournaments. The Sri Lanka Cricket Team has already confirmed participation in many Test, ODI and Triangular ODI series to be held both in Sri Lanka as well as in overseas venues. These games will be played in addition to the next ICC Champions Trophy and World Cup Tournament.

In terms of the sponsorship agreement, during the contract period Mobitel secures the exclusive right as the "Official Sponsor of the Sri Lanka Cricket Team". As the National Mobile Service Provider, guided by the principle of bridging diversity, Mobitel is committed to encouraging and developing sports in Sri Lanka at the national level. As the most popular sport in the country, Cricket transcends the whole society and the nation, which reflects the Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel way of connecting Sri Lanka.

Further to signing the agreement to sponsor the Sri Lanka Cricket Team, Chairperson of Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel, Mrs. Leisha De Silva Chandrasena said, "Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel is proud to be associated with the future of Sri Lanka Cricket. As the National Mobile Service Provider, Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel is rooted in the pursuit of national interest and towards this end has partnered many national bodies for good cause, and this partnership with Sri Lanka Cricket we consider as the crown jewel. Sports is a means of building affinity and a spirit of oneness between communities of a nation, and Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel, the first Super 3.5 G HSPA Mobile Service provider in South Asia, on course to connecting Sri Lanka as a country and the country with the rest of the world, considers sponsoring Sri Lanka Cricket as a strategic investment in its brand building endeavor.

Sponsorships and patronage extended by Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel towards Sri Lanka Cricket stands testimony to the trust and faith the company places in the National Cricket Team. The decision by Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel to sponsor the Sri Lanka Cricket team speaks volumes for the continued commitment by the company to further its support towards the development of Sports in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel is disposed to the idea of reinventing if necessary to succeed and win whilst playing by the rules, and takes pride in partnering Sri Lanka Cricket to Sponsor the game of cricket that shares with Mobitel a spirit of nationalism and unwavering determination to achieve world-class excellence.

Mobitel & Society

Employment Policy

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we are committed to providing non-discrimination and equal opportunities to all our employees. Mobitel employees must not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, marital status, sexual preference, disability or any other attribute. Our policy will not tolerate harassment of any person on any basis. This constitutes and therefore requires avoiding sexual advances or comments; sexual, racial or religious 'jokes' or slurs; or any other conduct in the workplace that can be construed as intimidating or offensive.







Working Environment

Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel consistently sets standards of service considered to be the benchmark in the telecommunication industry. Hence, we are keen to get the best people on board.

Mobitel employees have the right skills, positive and friendly attitudes and a passion to serve our valued Customers.

About our employees and working environment at Mobitel:

  • Communication with Staff
Mobitel’s first name basis and open door culture ensures that all employees can provide feedback to anyone in our senior management teams.

  • Confidentiality
During and after employment with us, we advise our employees to observe and maintain confidentiality in respect of all transactions of the company and our customers and information related to them. Further details are disclosed in the employment agreement and non-disclosure agreement on commencement of your employment.

  • Dress Code

Mobitel’s minimum standard of an acceptable dress code is as follows:

  • Monday-Friday: Smart, suitable for a professional business environment

  • Personal conduct:
Employees are expected to deal fairly and honestly with the customers, each other, business suppliers and competitors by:
  • Handling all customer contacts with professionalism and courtesy
  • Reporting to work as scheduled, keeping absences and expenses to a minimum and when absence is necessary, promptly notifying the appropriate person in one's division of the reason
  • Having a sense of personal responsibility

  • Emergency medical care:
We have trained and competent staff to administer first aid assistance in any emergency.

  • Mobitel Club:
The social and recreational events for our staff are organized by the Mobitel Club. The entire Mobitel staff automatically becomes member of the Mobitel Club upon commencement of employment. The Mobitel Club is run by an elected committee of staff members.


Mobitel Code of Business Practice for Business Partners


The Mobitel Code of Business Practice (herein “the Code”) serves as a code of Mobitel and Vendors commitment to Mobitel (Private) Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) to do business in a manner that is efficient, effective and fair. It also serves to assist  Vendors  to live up to the Company’s high ethical business standards, to provide guidance on the way that Vendors  should conduct themselves when dealing with parties doing business with the Company and the manner in which all Vendors  should conduct themselves in relation to business activities with the company.

The code applies to:

a) All Vendors  of Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd

b) All parties or entities doing businesses with the Company


Responsibility and Accountability

Vendors and Suppliers/Contractors, Subcontractors

The Company expects all its suppliers, vendors, contractors and their respective subcontractors to conform to the principles outlined in the Code in their relationships and dealings with the Company. If this causes difficulties, the Company will work with them to resolve any issues arising, and if it fails, the Company will find other parties who can meet the Company’s business standards.

The Business Partner will provide all possible assistance to investigate any possible instances of unethical behavior or Code of Conduct violations by an employee of Mobitel or an employee of the Business Partner.

The Business Partner will disclose forthwith any breach of the Mobitel Code of Conduct that comes to its knowledge.

Open Door Practice

If Vendors or any business parties have any concern, query, knowledge or information about any unethical business practices taking place in the Company, they are expected to take appropriate and consistent action by informing the Ethics Hot Line. All correspondences with the Ethics Hot Line would be treated in the strictest confidence unless required to be declared under law.

Ethics Hot Line of Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd can be contacted via:

a) E-mail: EthicHL@mobitel.lk

b) Postal Address : Internal Auditor, ERM Division, Mobitel Pvt Ltd, Golden Block Building, 101/11, Hunupitiya Lake Road, Colombo 2

1.1 Assets and Properties

a) Vendors are responsible to protect the Company’s assets and property entrusted to them from any loss, damage, misuse, illegal use or theft.

b) The Company’s assets and property, such as funds, products and services, vehicles, access and security cards, office equipment or facilities, may only be used for official business purposes and such other purposes as may be approved by the Company.

c) The Company’s assets and property cannot be used for personal reasons and should not be taken out of Company’s premises, unless it is for official Company business purposes and with prior authorization, where required.

1.2 Information protection

a) Vendors must safeguard all information by marking information accordingly, keeping it secure, and limiting access to those who have a need to know in order to do their jobs.

1.3 Other Business Interest/Employment

a) Vendors must disclose to the CEO Office, if a family member or close relative of the Vendor is working as a staff member of Mobitel.

1.4 Giving and Receiving Of Business Courtesies

Vendors must not give kickbacks, gifts or gratuities in any form. This includes the clear message that the Company will not accept business courtesies whether directly or indirectly except in situations that are considered as business norms or courtesies channeled through CEO Office.  Examples of courtesies that are considered as business norms may include:


  • Sending of flowers or gifts of similar nature on special occasions related to business or culture.
  • Exchanging of gifts during corporate visits and signing ceremonies.
  • gifts given at Company functions


a) Vendors must not give or extend gifts, loans or other benefits to Company Employees to get sales or beneficial arrangements.

b) Vendors must not solicit, ask for, nor accept, gifts on behalf of the Company even for legitimate purposes such as training or sponsorship of any sporting or welfare events unless authorized by the CEO Office of the Company.

c) For the purposes of this Code, business courtesies include tangible or intangible benefits including items such as cash, cash equivalent (stocks, bonds, options and other similar items), non-monetary gifts, meals, drinks, entertainment, recreation, door prizes, tickets, passes and other promotional items.

d) Any attempts to provide gratification to any Mobitel employee will be viewed in a very serious manner and where there is confirmation of such instances, it may lead to:

a. Cessation of all business dealings with Mobitel.

b. Blacklisting with Mobitel and its associates for any future business.

c. Levy of a financial penalty.

d. Reporting of matter to law enforcement agencies.

e. Appropriate legal action, where necessary.

e) Gifts of any value should be channeled through the CEO Office. Gifts must not be sent directly to Company employees home.

1.5 Fraud

a) Fraud applies to any irregularity or suspected irregularity related to Company business and involving Vendors or persons providing service or materials to the Company. Irregularities include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Forgery or alteration of any document

2. Misappropriation, destruction, or disappearance of funds, inventory, supplies or other Company assets, whether tangible or intangible

3. Impropriety in the handling or reporting of financial transactions

4. False, fictitious, or misleading entries or reports

b) Vendors must immediately report any suspected irregularity or act of fraud to the Ethics Hotline Office.

c) Vendors must cooperate with any investigation and provide accurate and truthful information.

1.6 Competitors

1.6.1 Maintaining ethical practices in a competitive environment

a) Vendors must never use any illegal or unethical methods to gain a competitive advantage (including obtaining information about the vendor’s competitors)

b) The Vendor should sell and promote its products and services fairly and honestly

c) The Vendor should not use tactics that will unfairly undermine the products of a competitor

d) Comparative advertising may only be used when comparing the vendor’s products against the competitor’s own statements about their products


The company reserves the right to review or amend the above policy as deemed necessary.