Internet Security

“An open Internet is unsafe for children and parenting in this digital age is difficult. Mobitel provides tools for parents to control unwanted content and provides a safe Internet for your family”

This solution provides you,

  • Web Content Filtering
  • Anti-Virus protection

Two Web Content Filtering Packages

Now, control the sites being accessed by you or your family, through our Web Content Filtering. It’s available to all postpaid and prepaid voice and broadband users.

These are the two packages, with different level of access privileges:

  • Student package - A Student policy user will not have access to adult content.
  • Family package - A Family policy user will not have access to adult content, by default. However, we will provide a username and password to the primary user and you can use these credentials to access unrestricted internet content.


Web Content Filtering will be FREE of charge. Just visit your nearest Mobitel outlet to activate.

Managing the password

If you wish to change the password you have received via e-mail go to change password or, if you have forgotten your password and wish to change it, go to forgot password. We’ll send you your new password to your registered email address.

If you wish to change or remove your current content filtering package, please visit a Mobitel outlet and we will be pleased to serve you.

Below, please note the conditions of the Content Filtering Service.

  • Content filtering servers cannot identify traffic tunneling through an SSL or other tunneling protocol, such as TOR. Thus URL filtering will not apply to users utilizing tunneling protocol.
  • If a website in an unrestricted category changes its content to that in a restricted category, it will not be possible to block the URL immediately.
  • A particular URL will be blocked if it is in any one or more of the restricted categories. All URLs in restricted categories will be blocked even in the event that the same URL is also in an unrestricted category.
  • Inappropriate or restricted material being transferred through e-mails will not be blocked as it is not possible to restrict e-mail content and attachments.
  • Content filtering services will be applied only when the user is connected using the mobitel 3G APN.
  • In the event that the connection of a customer subscribed to content filtering services is deactivated, the content filtering services will also be deactivated. Upon reconnection, the service will be re-provisioned only upon receiving a customer request to re-activate the content filtering services.
  • The content filtering service is limited only to a URL filtering service and does not extend to other internet services, such as peer-2-peer networks, instant messaging, FTP applications or chat room activities.
  • Confidentiality of the username and password is solely considered as a customer responsibility.
  • When a content filtering policy holder accesses restricted content using his/her credentials, content filtering servers will maintain a session and within that session the user will not be prompted to provide his/her credentials again. If the user opens a new browser session after closing his/her previous session successfully or the session expires, the user will be prompted to provide his/her credentials again.
  • Content filtering policy holders will not be able to access the Mobitel WAP proxy server.
  • E-mail is used as the main communication method for customer notifications in the content filtering service. Any alterations such as a change of registered e-mail, change of password and reset of password will be mailed to the registered e-mail address of the content filtering policy holder. Maintaining confidentiality of the registered e-mail address shall be a responsibility of the content filtering policy holder.
  • This service is provided on a best effort basis. Thus, Mobitel (Pvt.) Ltd. shall not be held liable in the event that inappropriate content is accessed through M3 High Speed Internet.
  • This filtering mechanism is not exhaustive. Therefore, parental guidance is advised.