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What is KiKi?
Kiki mobile app is a streaming service that offers exclusive Sinhala Video on Demand content on a variety of genres such as dramas, comedy, cookery, religious and music and many more.
What does KiKi offer?
Kiki app offers exclusive Sinhala video content which will be available only on KiKi.
How do I download KiKi?
You could download KiKi app via PlayStore & App Store.
What should I possess to view KiKi?
An android device that runs OS 4.4 kitkat or later.
Apple device that runs OS 11.0 or later.
A data plan on your mobile connection/ WIFI home or broadband connection
Can I download videos to watch later?
No, KiKi does not allow content to be saved and viewed offline
Can I view KiKi from anywhere?
Yes. As long as you have a subscription and an active high-speed internet connection you can enjoy KiKi from where ever you are.
How much do I have to pay to watch Kiki videos?
Rs.5/- plus taxes Per day
How will I know when I need to renew my subscription?
You will be notified via text message prior to expiration of your subscription
I already have the KiKi app installed, but I cannot watch content.
Check your internet connection
Go to Google play store or App Store and check whether you are running the latest version of KiKi app.
If your phone is slow, restart your device and run the app.
Will I have to pay data charges in addition to the subscription?
Yes, you will receive 200 MB FREE per month & standard data charges will apply for extra usage.
Can I fast forward and rewind the content?
Yes. Click on the arrow shaped forward or back buttons which are on either side of the play button.
What does ticking the “subscribe” button do?
If you tick the subscribe button on content that you are especially interested in, any new content for that particular program will show up in your Subscribed section. This makes it easier for you to find.
Can I leave comments on the videos?
No, this feature is currently not available on KiKi
How do I find my favorite episode?
Click on the category icon. Then, next to the program which you want, there will be a button that says “episodes”. Once you click on that button, you will get a list of all available episodes for that program.


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Language Service Subscription Song Charges
English Postpaid Rs. 50 per month Rs .30 per song (Valid 30 days)
English Pre paid - Daily Rs. 2 per day Rs.3 per song (Valid 1 day)
English Pre paid - Monthly Rs. 50 per month Rs .30 per song (Valid 30 days)



Music and videos



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