Mobitel Religious Thought of the Day

As the National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel introduces yet another innovative feature on your mobile phone. An automated Wake-up Call Service that will play a religious quote from your respective religion daily at a predefined time of your choice.



  1. What is Mobitel Religious Thought of the Day?

    This service enables subscribers to receive a call at any predefined time of the day and subscribers can listen to a religious quote from their selected religion by answering this call.

  2. What is the number the customer receives the call from?


  3. What are the available religions and languages for the service?


    • Buddhism in Sinhala
    • Buddhism in English
    • Catholicism in Sinhala
    • Catholicism in English
    • Islamic in Tamil
    • Hinduism in Tamil
  4. How to activate this service?


    Customer needs to follow these steps in order to activate the service.

    • Dial 244
    • Select the language
    • Select preferred religion type
    • Select the dial out time of the call (12 hour clock)
    • Select AM or PM
    • Select time schedule – ( Entire weeks or only weekdays)
  5. How much is the charge?


    • Service subscription fee
    • Postpaid – Rs. 30 + tax per month
    • Prepaid – Rs. 1+ tax per day
    • IVR charge (243 & 244)-Rs. 2 +tax per minute


      • Does customer get charged for listening to the call he/she receives?


      • Can user listen back to the day’s thought again& again?

        Yes user can listen to the day’s thought again by dialing 243

      • Does customer get charged for listening to the call by dialing 243?

        Yes. Customer gets charged Rs. 2 + tax per minute if he dials 243 to listen the thought.

      • How to change predefined settings (religion, time, etc.)?

        Dial 244

      • Does customer get additionally charged for changing settings (Religion, time, etc.)?

        No. (244 IVR charge only)

      • How to deactivate the services?

        Dial 244

      • Can customer use this service while on roaming?


      • Can customer subscribe for more than 1 religion at once?



See what the stars have in store for you. Get your horoscope details on your Mobitel.
SMS: Go to Mobitel -> My Mobitel -> Fun -> Horoscope
IVR: Dial 666.
You can also access this service at
Charges SMS/req: Rs. 2 + taxes & for IVR/min: Rs. 5 + taxes

Rahu period

Whenever you want to know which hours are inauspicious, being the Rahu period, just follow the directions below and find out.
SMS - Go to Mobitel > Fun > Horoscope > Rahu period
SMS Subscription - SMS Reg Rahu to 2299
IVR: Dial 666.
You can also access this service at
Charges for SMS/req: Rs. 2 + taxes ,SMS subscription PrePaid Rs.30 + Taxes per month, Prepaid Rs.1.25 + Taxes per day & for IVR/min: Rs. 5 + taxes





Palapala Pituwa English Service


What is “Palapala Pituwa” Service?
PalapalaPituwa is a astrological forecast service with imagery contents. Subscriber can get their weekly lagna prediction & Rahu Period chart as an imagery content to mobile phone. They will get one imagery content per week directly to mobile phone once subscribe, in English language. Subscribers who subscribe to PalapalaPituwa are notified via SMS notification containing instructions to continue with the service.
How to activate?
a. You can activate “PalapalaPituwa (Astro page)” service via SMS.
b. Activating via SMS
Step A : Type first three letters of your Zodiac sign and send to 511. Ex: If your Zodiac Sign is Areis, Type ARI & send to 511
Step B : You will receive a confirmation SMS
What happens if I send an incorrect CODE of a PalapalaPituwa (Astro Page) Service to get subscribe?
a. The Service will not be activated.
   You will get a conformation SMS stating “Subscription failed. Please follow the keyword instructions in below link
Can I subscribe more than one Zodiac Sign from the service?
YES you can.
What is the cost for this service?
Once you get registered to the service you will be charged Rs.10 + tax per image.
How can I unsubscribe from the Service?
Type DEREG  <Space>  first three letters of your lagna and send to 511 if you wish to deactivate Ex: If your Zodiac Sign is AriesType DEREG <Space> ARI & send to 511
How often I get imagery content from the “PalapalaPituwa (Astro Page)” Service
One Weekly lagna prediction and Rahu period chart image per week