Security Solutions


What is Samsung Knox?

Samsung KNOX is a mobile security solution ideal for businesses of any size offering multi-tiered security model, device management capabilities, and enterprise features. This work/play environment ensures work data and personal data are separated and that only the work container is managed by the enterprise. Personal information such as photos and messages are not managed or controlled by the IT department. Once activated, the KNOX Workspace product is tightly integrated into the KNOX platform.

The enterprise can manage Workspace like any other IT asset using an MDM solution (Mobile Container Management).Samsung KNOX Workspace includes a rich set of policies for authentication, data security, VPN, e-mail, application blacklisting, whitelisting, and so on.


What are The Key Features?

  • Remote Lock
  • Remote Wipe
  • Password Reset
  • Power Off Device
  • Locate The Device
  • Disable Camera
  • Set Email Profiles (EAS,IMAP,POP)
  • Create/Lock Container


What are the benefits for businesses and their employees?

  • Easy Switch - The user simply has to press an icon to switch from Personal to Work use with no delay or reboot wait time
  • Control Costs associated with supporting and managing your mobile workforce
  • Enhanced Security – Encryption of sensitive data and multiple layers of hardware and software protection safeguarding data from leakage
  • Simple Deployment & Maintenance –No installation and managing of on premises hardware required
  • Helps businesses overcome common mobility adoption issues such as limited IT skills among employees
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) for easier, more convenient access to authorised business app
  • IT Administrators can easily implement company guidelines via Admin Portal to control flow of information between Knox Container and rest of user device


How can employees individually manage their device via the user portal?

  • View location, device status and information
  • Reset passcode and lock and wipe a device
  • View or edit Active Directory (AD) account attributes
  • Use account unblock and password reset
  • Receive detailed user activity reporting