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- To Activate Service Type REG “relevant service Keyword “and SMS to the relevant short code

- To Deactivate Service Type DREG “relevant service Keyword “and SMS to the relevant short code

Terms and Conditions

All SMS alerts are provided in English language only, Unicode characters (Sinhala/Tamil) will not be used to provide the SMS service. The service will be renewed automatically (until the user deactivates the service) and will be charged on each renewal depending on your mobile connection type (Prepaid / Postpaid). The user can deactivate the service at any given time by sending a deactivation SMS or notifying the Mobitel customer service team via 1717 hotline



eChanneling: Get an appointment for your doctor on your phone through eChanneling service. 


eChanneling process:
* Dial 225 to access the eChanneling service.
* State your name, national ID number, doctor's name and the name of the hospital you wish to visit. You will receive a reference number.
* Appointment details will be confirmed via SMS.
Features: 24-hour access, No queuing, No travelling
Short code charges, the doctor's fee and the hospital fee along with the channeling fee will be charged for every successful booking.
Cick Here to visit eChannelling website 


  • DOC CALL - Mobitel introduces “DOC CALL” a service in which customers can receive initial medical advice from doctors who are members of the Sri Lanka Medical Association by dialing 247 anytime of the day.


    Step 1 - Call 247 on your Mobitel connection to receive initial medical advice

    Step 2 - Select the language of your choice.

    Step 3 - Upon request, a Mobitel Customer Care Agent will connect you to an available doctor.

    Click here for FAQ and Terms and Conditions

    Service charge is Rs.150 per call and, customer charged Rs. 1 per every minute he stays on IVR.