Business FAQ

1. How to obtain a new connection?
Mobitel@ Big M's & branches, Mobitel Authorized payment centers, Mobitel@ SLT Teleshops, Mobitel@ SLT Regional Telecom offices, and Mobitel@ Singer Mega.
2. How do I increase my credit limit?
Your initial credit limit on a post-paid connection is equal to the Refundable Deposit. However the credit limit can be enhanced by:
  • Keeping an additional deposit (refundable) at the time of subscription or later
  • Providing any of the following financial statements within the last 3 months: Current account statement, Salary slip, Credit card statement, Your last 3 months' mobile bills with your previous service provider
Credit enhancements can be carried out at Mobitel Flagship Center, Mobitel Big M branches,Mobitel@ Singer Mega and Mobitel@ SLT Teleshops

Download the credit enhancement application
3. How do I know my usage and account balance?
For free Daily usage alerts please Type YES from your phone & send to 4545 or Dial 1456 for current usage and Account balance information.
4. How is the rental calculated on my first bill?

On selected packages, rental will be charged from the date of connection, up to the date of your bill and with a month's rental in advance.
For example;
You obtained your ACTIVE 300 connection on 5/1/2006 and your bill date was 20/1/2006.
This is how the rental will be calculated:

Rental for the number of days - 05/01/2006 to 19/01/2006
= Rs.300/30 x 15 Days
= Rs.150
Rental for one month in advance - 20/01/2006 to 19/02/2006 = Rs.300
The total rental charged
= Rs.150 + Rs.300
= Rs.450
5. What is the due date of the bill?
The due date will be 14 days after the bill is processed.
6. Where can I pay my bills?
Your monthly bill can be paid at the following locations:
  • Mobitel Flagship Centre
  • M3 Experience Centre (Excel World)
  • Mobitel Branches
  • Mobitel@SLT Teleshops
  • Mobitel@ SLT Regional Telecom Offices
  • Mobitel@ Singer Mega
  • Mobitel@ Singer Plus/ SINGER SISIL Showrooms and Modern Homes
  • Authorized Dealers
  • Banks
  • Keells Super*
  • SMS Payments - Account holders of Sampath Bank, Commercial Bank, Hatton National Bank, People's Bank, Bank of Ceylon and HSBC can use SMS bill payment service to pay the Mobitel bill
* Payments are not updated online.
7. What is the grace period of my bill?
When the outstanding amount of your bill exceeds the credit limit, outgoing will be disconnected;then, after 30 days, the line will be temporary disconnected and will be deactivated after 30 days.
8. What steps can be taken if my line is temporarily disconnected or deactivated?
If your line is temporarily disconnected you have to settle all your bills which are due, and make sure that the outstanding amount is reduced to an amount below the credit limit.If your line is deactivated, the total outstanding amount must be paid and the NIC should be produced for reconnection.
9. Can I change My Best Friend, Friends & Family and Any8 nominated numbers?
Yes. Nominated numbers can be changed once in 30 days. Please send in your written request to our Mobitel Flagship Center, Mobitel Big M branches, Singer Mega or authorized payment centres or fax to 0112330396. You can also activate, add, change and deactivate My Best Friend, Friends & Family and Any8 numbers by simply sending an SMS.View Activation Codes
10. Can I change my package?
Yes, if you are a post-paid user all you have to do is to fill an alteration form stating your new tariff package. You will also be able to change your package online or through an SMS in the near future.
11. How do I transfer the ownership of a package?
You can transfer the ownership of your connection by giving us a letter of authorization. The new user would have to visit any of our outlets with:
  • Billing proof under the new user’s name
  • A connection deposit of minimum Rs.1500 that will be charged, if you are not transferring your deposit to the new user.
  • A transfer fee of Rs.500/-
  • An NIC copy of the existing customer and of the new user.
Please visit Big M’s and branches;Mobitel authorized payment centers, Mobitel@ Singer Mega and Mobitel@ SLT Teleshops.
12. My SIM card is lost/damaged. What do I do?
Please visit our Big M Outlets, Mobitel@Singer Mega or Mobitel authorized payment centres, for a replacement of your SIM.
Charges will apply.
13. I am a Mobitel Postpaid user. Can I use 3G Daily Delight and 3G Weekly Delight?
3G Weekly Delight 75, 3G Daily Delight 50 and 3G Daily Delight 25 are exclusive options available for Mobitel Pre-Paid customers. As such, you cannot activate 3G Delight with your post-paid number. However, if you have an HSDPA modem or laptop with built-in HSDPA, you can purchase a SMART SIM and enjoy the 3G Delight features.


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