Broadband FAQ

1. What is M3 High Speed Internet?
M3 high speed internet is one of the fastest data connectivity service which enables you to download and upload large data files at very high speeds wherever you are, provided that you are within 3.5G coverage. M3 High Speed Internet is powered by HSPA.
2. What is HSPA?
HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) combines the features of HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) and HSUPA (High Speed Uplink Packet Access) enabling you to access data at speeds up to 14.4 Mbps Downlink and up to 1.98 Mbps Uplink, on devices supporting HSPA.
3. Will I have to pay for the time I am logged on to the network or only for the actual data usage?
You will only have to pay for the actual data usage, irrespective of the time you have spent logged on.
4. The data usage is calculated for Downloading or Uploading or for both?
On selected packages, rental will be charged from the date of connection, up to the date of your bill. The data usage is calculated both for uploading and downloading.
5. What can I do with 100MB of data?
You will be able to retrieve approximately1000 Emails, download 25 MP3 Songs or browse over 300 web pages.(These are just indicative figures and the actual values may vary depending on the size of each unit illustrated in the above example). Data Conversion Table:
8 bits (b) =1 byte (B)
1024 bytes (b) =1 Kilobyte (1 kB)
1024 Kilo bytes (kB) =1 Megabyte (MB)
1024 Mega bytes (MB) =1 Gigabyte (GB)
6. How can I check my usage?
You can check your usage through your online account on the Mobitel corporate website at MyAccount
7. How do I create My Account?
Click on Account Login and then sign up. After signing up, you will be prompted for an activation code. Please enter the activation code you will receive via SMS on your device. This SMS will be sent to you after signing up for your account. If you require further assistance in setting up, please e-mail with the subject "Assistance in creating My Account on the site" or call us on the Mobitel Hotline 071 275 5777 and we will assist you in setting up your account.
8. What are the system requirements of a PC in order to support HSDPA devices?
The system requirements will vary depending on the make and type of the device. Most of the Laptops or Personal Computers in use today are capable of supporting them. Generally, a personal computer (Laptop or Desktop) with the following configuration would meet the requirements:
  • Processor 1 GHz or advanced
  • RAM 512 MB or advanced
  • Free Space 100MB
  • OS - Windows 2000/XP/Vista


However, the above configuration should only be used as a guideline and it is advised to ascertain the compatibility of the system requirements of the device with the computer you intend to use before purchasing. If you are using a Laptop/PC running on a different OS (Apple Mac etc.,) please check with the modem manufacturer's specifications for compatibility.

9. What are the types of devices that are available with the network?
Please follow the link below to view a range of devices and their product specifications available with Mobitel. View Devices
10. Do I need to install special software on my Laptop / Desktop Computer to use?
Yes. Most of the USB devices will have the software built-in and will automatically install with the first use. Please refer to the device manufacturer's instructions before using. For more technical details please refer the Advanced FAQ.


Broadband FAQs