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Monday, 22nd October 2018

  Mobitel Dominates future! Demonstrates 5G with commercial infra at Techno 2018!

Mobitel, Sri Lanka’s National Mobile Service Provider once again led Sri Lanka’s Technological and Digital advancements at Techno 2018. Sri Lanka’s premier Technology Exhibition showcased the country’s Engineering and Technology prowess, was energized and inspired by Mobitel’s dazzling demonstration of cutting-edge Communication Services made available for the betterment of all Sri Lankans. Technology enthusiasts flocked to Mobitel’s attractive Stall which featured a range of its latest unique products, technologies, initiatives and innovations under the theme ‘Connecting the green future’ which was aligned to Techno 2018’s green engineering ethos. Mobitel and Sri Lanka Telecom stepped forward as Main Sponsors for Techno 2018, which was held from 12th to 14th October 2018 at the BMICH. Mobitel’s stall was unique on many fronts. Taking its ‘Connecting the green future’ theme to heart, the state-of-the-art stall was designed using recyclable material to the greatest extent possible. Moreover, the stall was highly interactive and engaging for visitors because Mobitel held demonstrations of its latest technologies, initiatives and innovations.
Leading the way in 5G in Sri Lanka, Mobitel publicly demonstrated Sri Lanka’s first 5G deployment over 3.5GHz, globally recognized as the primary frequency band for 5G, showcasing the exponential growth in broadband speeds which Mobitel will provide to its customers in the near future. This 5G Massive MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology demonstration utilized 64x64 MIMO configuration with commercially available user devices and commercially available network equipment, dispelling doubts over its short term viability, and thereby leading Sri Lanka’s progress ahead of many technology advanced nations worldwide. Mobitel is grateful for the support and encouragement given by the Director General of Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) and his officers to industry players in their efforts in making advancements in the industry.
Sri Lanka’s national mobile service provider, Mobitel, occupies the foremost position in cutting-edge mobile telecommunication technology in Sri Lanka. Its revolutionary path to the forefront of the industry is peppered with many pioneering technologies that have paved the way for other mobile operators to follow in its wake. In fact, the rest of the industry takes its cue from products and services introduced by Mobitel. Trail-blazing 5G in Sri Lanka having demonstrated 5G with commercial infrastructure at Techno 2018, Mobitel is poised to be the first mobile operator in Sri Lanka to introduce 5G commercially for its customers for faster connectivity and an improved experience. Despite being the first off the starting blocks with every mobile technology in the recent past, Mobitel, never loses sight of offering sustainable ‘green’ technology offerings that nurture the nation. While Mobitel has the capability to roll out the very latest mobile technologies, at the same time, it lends a nurturing hand to its customer base in rural areas for whom 2G and 3G technologies are a lifeline. Mobitel understands the needs of its customer segments and caters to them with unfailing precision, while ensuring its investments in the latest technologies continue to enhance the reputation of Sri Lanka as being highly advanced in the region for technological adoption. 
Mobitel also publicly demonstrated Voice-over-WiFi (VoWiFi) for the first time in Sri Lanka, the ability to make traditional cellular voice calls over any WiFi hotspot. This is a significant step forward in Sri Lanka, as typical voice calls will be possible in areas of extremely poor Mobile coverage or ‘Not Spots’ (where owing to environmental conditions or the inability for Mobile signals to penetrate very large buildings), calls can be routed over any available WiFi hotspot.
Having showcased services geared towards the masses, Mobitel also demonstrated communication services suitable for public/administrative services and large scale industries such as Police and Emergency services, Shipping, Railway communications etc. The technology was based on converting traditional analog ‘Walkie-Talkie’ services over Mobitel’s island-wide digital LTE network, thereby ensuring enhanced coverage, superior call quality, and also the ability to broadcast video images over push-to-talk (PTT) functions. Following the recent natural disasters in Sri Lanka, Mobitel also trialed an early warning detection system for landslides, thereby encompassing communication from early warning systems to emergency response units. 
Furthermore, to cater the growth of Internet of Things (IoT) deployment, Mobitel also demonstrated several NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT) products such as Smart Water Meters.
Finally, in keeping with the Green Technology theme, an app based on the widely popular blockchain technology was commercially launched, whereby anyone could plant a tree and track its growth over its lifetime, thereby earning carbon credits which could be traded for free data bundles on Mobitel’s network.
Mobitel CEO, Mr. Nalin Perera highlighted Mobitel’s 3-pronged initiative which improved the lifestyle and digital empowerment of 1) its retail customers, 2) the public services/ large scale industries and finally 3) pioneering Sri Lanka’s Sustainable and Green initiatives based on its technology service offerings and acknowledged the support extended by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Sri Lanka for the creating the right environment for the growth and sustainability of the industry. Mobitel had once again delivered real-life solutions with tangible benefits to every Sri Lankan and also for advancing Sri Lanka’s Digital initiatives, in keeping with Sri Lanka’s Digital Vision for the country.
Mobitel, as the National Mobile Service Provider, has taken on the mantle of spearheading Sri Lanka’s ICT Transformation. It has positioned itself to offer services far beyond just mobile telephony. The mobile services category has evolved over time into the mobile ICT category and Mobitel is now leading the path in transforming it further in the digital service provision category. The ‘X Station’ has become a symbol of how Mobitel is leading the country’s digital revolution. The first hi-tech Internet of Things (IoT) concept store of its kind in the country, X Station is the expert hub for futuristic technology products and services. Mobitel’s innovative services today are enhancing communication, technology, health, and IT literacy opportunities for citizens.
Friday, 12th October 2018

eChannelling awarded the ‘Best digital health care platform’ accolade at the South Asia mBillionth Awards 2018

eChannelling Plc has won the prestigious South Asia mBillionth award 2018 in ‘Health and Wellbeing’ as the Best digital health care platform held in New Delhi, India recently in recognition of its excellence in mobile innovations for development. Organised by Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), India, the South Asia mBillionth award witnessed participation from South Asian countries. DEF is one of the world’s leading practitioners in the field of Information & Communication Technology for Development. Led by the belief ‘Inform, Communicate and Empower’, DEF finds sustainable digital interventions to overcome information poverty in rural and remote locations of India, and empower communities with digital literacy, digital tools and last mile connectivity. It is a proud moment for eChannelling PLC to emerge as the company providing the Best digital health platform amongst all the South Asian countries to bridge the digital divide. 
The mBillionth Awards 2018 evaluated eChannelling across various parameters such as Content & Services, Impact & Sustainability, Functionality/Navigation, Interface & Visual Design USP & Strategic Value, Execution & Implementation, Accessibility and Overall Experience – all factors on which eChannelling scored the highest in the South Asian region in its category.
The industry‐driven and peer‐acknowledged mBillionth Awards acknowledge South Asia as a key hub of the world’s mobile and telecom market in terms of penetration and innovation. The region, however, suffers from a significant digital divide. These Awards recognise that at the moment, mobile phones are surpassing all other media in terms of penetration in the region. Mobile platforms are becoming the natural choice for smashing the information barrier and extending essential and innovative digital services to the broadest section of the population. The awards, therefore, seek to not only reward all those who are taking initiatives to bridge the digital divide, empower people and bring about greater socio-economic equality but also create an ecosystem and network of such innovators and developers so that they can learn from each other, collaborate and scale up. eChannelling is the pioneering network for channelling doctors in Sri Lanka. 
Boasting a network of 200+ recognized hospitals, more than 5500+Doctors, over 2000+ outlets and coverage of any telecommunication network, eChannelling is the easiest way to channel a Doctor, dial 225 from anywhere at any time.
eChannelling PLC is a subsidiary of Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd and the pioneer software developer and ICT service provider to the healthcare industry in the country. eChannelling is the first company in Sri Lanka to offer a complete e-commerce based service in the health sector and the first public quoted Technology Company in the Colombo Stock Exchange. Mobitel, the National Mobile Service Provider, has taken digital healthcare to the next level by adding eChannelling to its portfolio and strengthening its position in the country's telecommunications industry. 
Monday, 8th October 2018

Mobitel’s Cash Bonanza Carnival and Mega Cash Bonanza Musical show in Jaffna attracts record crowds 

Mobitel elevated its eagerly-anticipated Cash Bonanza Carnival held in Jaffna to a whole new level on 29th September 2018, at the Open air grounds opposite Weerasinghem Mall. Raising the carnival atmosphere to new heights, the Mobitel Cash Bonanza Carnival in Jaffna featured popular playback singers flown in from India, whose performance drew historic crowds. All roads led to the Mobitel Cash Bonanza Carnival on the designated day, which was hosted by Mobitel. The carnival, a part of the Cash Bonanza initiative, is a loyalty rewards draw that attracts large crowds across the country, throughout the year. It is a true celebration of family, fun and rewards that is the essence of Mobitel’s ‘We Care, Always’ motto. 
As an event that appeals to all ages, the carnival featured an art competition and bungee jumping, along with a high speed 4G powered gaming zone, where youngsters enjoyed hours of free gaming fun. Children were treated to a host of other fun activities at a fun-filled children’s play area. As the highlight of the evening, the musical show featured Indian singing sensations Sathya Pragash and Rita, who were star attractions of the carnival. They gave a foot tapping performance along with popular local singers Awarone Nawagampura Ganesh, Sameera Hasan, Rangunathan and Stanley who also performed at the venue. Music bands Seeduwa Sakura and Saranga also kept the crowd entertained for hours. Keeping true to its commitment to impact people’s lives positively as the National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel organized a free Mobitel Customers eye clinic with the participation of renowned eye specialists. 1,000 reading glasses were distributed amongst senior citizens at this clinic.
The 2018 Cash Bonanza promotion will give away Mercedes Benz cars and loyal and lucky Mobitel customers are eligible to win Rs. 211 Mn worth of Prizes throughout the year in the Daily and Quarterly Draws. As many as 220,000 Daily winners can win cash prizes each up to Rs.500 on a daily basis throughout the year. Mobitel is the first operator in the mobile telecommunication industry to carry out this mega promotion starting with giving out 24 Montero Jeeps in the years 2016 and 2017 and this year this has been upgraded to give away Mercedes Benz cars to its valued customers. 
Cash Bonanza is a reload, recharge and bill payment promotion for Mobitel customers. Mobitel Pre-Paid, Post-Paid and Broadband customers are eligible for the Mobitel Cash Bonanza draw with a winning chance for every Rs. 50/- cash recharge, reload or Post-Paid bill value payment. There is no separate registration process but all Mobitel customers are automatically entitled for the draw. For the daily cash prizes, Pre-Paid winning customers will receive the prize by way of talk time and data for the same value and Post-Paid winning customers will receive the prize by way of a rebate on their Post-Paid bill. Cash Bonanza winners will only be notified via Mobitel’s customer care hotline 071 27 55 777 and in writing via post. Customers will not be charged an additional fee for any prizes they have won.
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