Enterprise Automation Solutions

mDistributor is a cloud based field force automation tool that enables you to enhance the overall efficiency and productivity of your business while keeping constant touch with your sales team in the field.  Regardless of where you are, mDistributor provides you the visibility of your Business Processes - from planning to execution, along with the People - from field staff to customers; from just a click away.
  • Efficiency in sales force and distributor management
  • Accurate stock management
  • Real time business visibility
  • Informed decision making
  • Automation of sales process
Key Features:
  • Online inventory
  • Sales statistics
  • Cash & debtor management
  • Stock management
  • Competitive data analysis
The mAuction delivers real-time information directly to tea buyers, by pushing sale information that is captured by tea brokers at each auction room. mAuction’s key value addition for both brokers and buyers is its ability to facilitate both pre and post auction processes using state of the art mobile technologies and devices that are facilitated by Mobitel.
The suite of products that make this a versatile platform of choice, has the ability to integrate with both brokers’ and buyers’ back office systems to enhance process efficiencies and reduce turn-around time with regards to the transparent flow of data for greater productivity.
As a platform, it provides an appropriate channel to deliver the right information at the right time, in the right form using any device to the right people, supporting contextually aware predictive modelling and analysis to disseminate information in a multi-stakeholder environment, comprising all principal industry stakeholders – tea brokers, buyers and producers. This uniquely combines the bespoke needs of all industry stakeholders, by linking disparate tea auction related processes throughout the life span of key pre and post-sale activities of all stakeholder requirements through a single system.
Modern businesses go beyond ICT solutions that run in servers and PCs. Today, businesses need real time updates on transactions, collections and returns that happen offsite. mTransit is a tab-based field automated solution, designed for cash collection function of various businesses such as cash collectors, insurance companies whose agents visit clients for premium collections, delivery agents who deliver items to the doorstep and so on. 
Functionality on Offer
  • Defining collection routes and assigning collection agents
  • Viewing collection status real time from virtually anywhere in the world
  • Automating Trust Receipts and updating cash collections real time 
  • Defining customized bank deposit rules for each client / branch
  • Geo tagging
  • Real time reporting on cash collections and deposits
Benefits of mTransit
  • Real time information on payment collections 
  • Locating collection agents and ensuring they are on duty during their work time
  • Understanding amount of cash in hand of agents
  • Minimizing risk of carrying large amounts of cash by agents 
  • Alerting cash shortages, unbanked cash levels immediately 
  • Performance evaluation of agents
mTransit operates with zero burden on client datacenters as the solution is 100% cloud-based.