Pre Paid E-Bill


What is e-bill?
E-bill is a service available for prepaid subscribers to view their past call, SMS & MMS records online. 
What are the services captured under e-bill?
Voice related incoming & outgoing records, SMS outgoing records & MMS records can be viewed using e-bill. 
What is the duration of the records captured under e-bill?
Past three months call records are available. 
How can I activate this service?
You need to have a Mobitel my account access to access e-bill facility. 
Do I need to have “my account” to access this service?
Yes. My account registration is mandatory to access e-bill facility.   
Can I access my e-bill using someone else’s “my account” if I don’t have one? 
No. You cannot. It is not allowed due to security & confidential reasons.
What are the charges applicable for e-bill service?
Period of Detail Bill Charges for  Incoming & Outgoing Charges only for Incoming or Outgoing
1 month Rs. 400 Rs. 200
2 months Rs. 700 Rs. 350
3 months Rs. 1200 Rs. 600
Can I view my incoming SMS & MMS details?
No, Incoming SMS & MMS records cannot be viewed under e-bill. 
Can I view content of call, SMS & MMS I have received or sent during past three months under e-bill?
No. Content cannot be viewed 
What is the E-bill generation process?
  • Login to my account in web site
  • Select e bill 
  • Entry select duration to proceed
  • Ensure that you have sufficient credit balance in your mobile connection before proceed
  • Once data verified, a “PIN” will be sent to your mobile. 
  • Follow the instructions given & select enter “PIN” received to process e bill. 
  • Necessary charges will be deducted from your account and e bill will be send to your email. 
What are the General conditions?
  • Past three months data will be captured under e bill. 
  • Customer should be a re-registered customer under Mobitel system.  
  • Only voice incoming & outgoing, SMS outgoing & MMS outgoing data will be available. 
  • Charges deducted will not be refundable at any circumstances. 
  • Upon successful verification, e bill will be sent to your e mail address within 3 hours from the requested time. 
  • E-bill is a password protected PDF and the password will be sent to the phone as a SMS
  • Saving PDF and retain for future access is possible for users as it will be a separate document sent to e mail. 
  • Using the same PIN for another e bill process is not allowed and a new PIN will be generated and sent for each time you request the bill. 
Can I use the same pin number for next month?
Sorry, you cannot use the same pin number. You have to have a new pin number for each time you want to request for the e-bill. 
Can any type of customer can use this service?
No, only re-registered customers can use this service.
If I get re-registered now can I get my past three months records?
No, you can get only from the date you got active as a re-registered customer.