Voice Solutions

mCall Centre

mCall Centre is the ideal solution to balance inbound and outbound calls by functioning as a first level help desk. This service provides clients with effective communication solutions that will help take orders, quantify sales leads, respond to ad inquiries and general information requests

  • Callback facility without showing the caller ID
  • Call Queue exit options 
  • Automatic agent login/logout
  • Route callers to the right queue, with the right priority, and route them to the next available agent with the right skills
  • Guide callers through self-service applications or gather caller information needed to identify the best available agent
  • View user profiles under main account individually
  • View call log records
  • View Statistical records
  • Can reduce the overhead of maintaining commercial office space for large call centers
  • Organizations may not hire specialized call center agents
  • Can handle several numbers at one time
  • Flexible call rate options
  • Improve productivity of agents by integrated phone controls with the applications

mLink offers corporate clients audio conferencing solutions with other value added services.

  • Supports up to 60 participants per call
  • Unlimited duration 
  • Management interface for customers
  • Can be connected anytime, anywhere
  • Cost effective due to minimized business travel 
  • Convenient 
  • Easy collaboration and communication across different locations
  • Efficiency and availability of your own conference bridging solutions
  • Easy access which enables ad hoc meeting to occur frequently and across the world
  • Fast decision making and build project momentum 
  • Low monthly charges
A full-featured PABX designed specifically for the rapidly emerging voice and network convergence market. This feature works independently of Line Ringing, which determines how an extension call rings at the mobile. Can get all your calls which comes to your desktop extension, to your mobile
  • A hosted PBX system for the mobile which offers the rich functionality of a traditional PBX to the mobile phone
  • Does not require specific handsets
  • Fully cloud based
  • Maintenance & provisioning overhead handled by operator
mPBX enables a business to improve communication and make it more effective for internal teams as well as external partners. This service facilitates team work and makes it possible to stay in contact through a mash-up of smart calling and cost management services providing a company and their clients the impression of the company never being out of the office.
  • Free business phone number
  • Seamless extension dialing
  • Easy to use
  • Offices can be connected together no matter how far apart they are
  • Cost-effective
Extension Dialling