NFC Solutions

NFC Fuel Card Solution  (mFlash)


NFC fuel card enables a “cashless” and secure payment option for an effective fuel (allowance) management system. This card can be preloaded with the fuel allowance entitled for an individual and once used at a designated fuel station, the payment for the usage can be made using the allocated allowance limit

  • Replace the manual hassle of the fuel administration
  • Fast transactions through  secure offline mode
  • Convenient easy tap and go method – saves time and less hassle
  • Operational efficiency & cost reduction
  • Instant SMS notification on every transaction 
  • Web Interface for company administrator
  • Ability to pre determine limits to employees (Fuel limits / Usage times / Filling Stations)
  • Monitor activity by Date, Time and Location for each transaction 
  • Cost saving and control over misusage of Fuel Book based reimbursement process
  • Vehicle maintenance records – service history, fuel efficiency tracking
  • Automated reconciliation- easy settlement

A loyalty program or a frequent reward program is a relationship marketing tool which has been identified as an effective strategy in retaining and maintaining strong relationships with the best customers.

mLoyalty is a platform which will enable you to run your own loyalty program for your clients and customers. It is complimented by latest Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and gives the customers an individual identity and profile that can be recognized and rewarded through the loyalty program. The platform facilitates

  • Possibility of coupling with existing Loyalty programs
  • Fully managed Loyalty Card program with Member management, Partner management, Loyalty point scheme, Redemption process, etc
  • One-to-one member interaction
  • Mobile integration for alerts & notifications
Other Features:
  • Real time monitoring and record keeping of the loyalty program end-to-end.
  • Ability to track activities of the loyalty customer base in order to profile them
  • Centralized management 
  • Various notifications and alerts to relevant stakeholders 

Ability to tie up with technological driven NFC based merchant loyalty network in Sri Lanka which will grow more in time to come.In long run, this loyalty card solution and associated platform shall provide merchants with the opportunity to,

  • Collect customer intelligence
    • Identify how customers respond to published offers 
    • Determine customer preferences across participating merchant outlets 
    • Identify customer segments 
    • Develop detailed lifestyle and behavior profiles 
  • Analyze customer transaction data
    • How they shop 
    • How much they spend 
    • How often they shop 
    • Preferred shopping periods 
    • Where they make purchases 
  • Increase Customer satisfaction and overall growth towards merchants