Q: What is mSpace?

mSpace is a web portal that provides you the necessary access to build SMS alerts services. This provides you the opportunity to reach Mobitel customers and earn money while doing so. The web portal which gives you the option of creating SMS based apps without any coding and provides a means to easily communicate your message to the right audience which you gain through your own advertising.

Q: How can I use mSpace to create a service?

Check the mSpace user manual to know the process.

Q: Will I be charged for using the mSpace web portal?

No. you will not be charged for using the web portal.

Q: How can I know whether the service I created is approved by Mobitel?

You will receive the status (approved / reject) to the given email address once Mobitel confirms same.
Q: How can I know my service details (keyword/ shot code / subscription charge/etc…)?
All details will be sent to you via the confirmation email.
Q: Will Mobitel help me to promote/advertise my service?
No. you will be responsible to advertise your service.
Q: How will the revenue earned by my subscribers be shared?
The Revenue from your service will be shared in the following manner
     You -70%,  and Mobitel - 30%

Click Here for mSpace Manual