Onetharam Chat


What is this new Onetharam Chat service all about?

It is an SMS based chat service which allows users to chat with friends, make new friends as much as you want. However, there will be a fair user policy.

How do I participate in this service?

Simply type ‘REG LB’ and send it to 5588 and create your profile

How much do I get charged for the service?

There is a daily subscription fee of Rs. 10+ tax per day. And user receives 50 SMSs per day to chat with whoever the user prefers in the chat portal

How does the service work?

Once you send an SMS to 5588 stating REG LB, system will request you to create a profile, where you will have to enter your nickname, gender, age, etc.

Is there any trial period for this service?

 First day will be free for every new user

 What are the keywords used in the service?

 Please see below





LB NAME <Your Name>

Enter nickname


Help Instructions


Customer feedbacks


Customer deregistration


LOGON to Random Chat

LB Off

LOG OFF Random Chat

LB New

Find New Chat Random Partner

LB AA <Your Message>

Random Msg Sending method


Private Password

LB Start <Password>

Connect Through Password

LB <Your Message>

Chat with your friend




What is the new STARFRIENDS WAP service all about?

It is a WAP portal which allows subscribers to download celebrity images, videos and songs 

How do I participate in this service?
Simply log on to
How much do I get charged for the service?
There is a daily subscription fee of Rs. 10 + tax per day with auto renewal where you can download content. If you wish to download content as you go, you can sign up for pay per content download which will vary from Rs. 5 to 30 + tax per content
Do I get a confirmation when I subscribe for the service?
Yes. You will be informed via an SMS regarding the subscription. 
How do I deactivate from the service?
You can deactivate from the STARFRIENDS WAP portal or you can send an SMS to 6511 stating STOP. In either instance you will be sent a deactivation SMS


What is the CELEBS service about?

It is an online portal where customers can receive updates, images, songs & video clips

How does a customer subscribe for this service?

Type REG and send it to 3313 or log on to

How much does Mobitel charge a customer for using this service?

Customers will be charged Rs. 2 + tax per day per celebrity and will be entitled to download 2 items daily . Additional downloads will be charged on content basis.

Who are the celebrities on this service?

Contents of following celebrities will be available and many more to come.

Pooja Umashankar Lahiru Perera
Iraj Weeraratne Anarkali Jayathilaka
Otara Gunawardena Sheshadri Priyasad
Sunil Perera Sajjad Hassan
Dinakshi Priyasad Sharmaine Willis
Saranga Disasekara  

Where can customers get more information regarding the service?

Mobitel will be more than happy to give you more information. Please contact us on 1717  

Video Sharing & Blogging

Video Sharing

Upload that special moment or that crazy experience and share it with your loved ones and friends.
You could upload a video clip via the web interface or directly call the system and start a video recording.

Video Blogging

Video Blogging is very similar to regular blogging, but this service comprises of additional enhanced audio/video features.
Capture important events with your mobile video and share them by dialing into a video-enabled blog or by directly uploading a video clip using the web interface.

To access Video Blogging via Mobitel, make a video call to 555/557 (Call charges: 3.00 LKR/min).

Chat & Dating (via Mobitel SIM Menu)

SMS based networking solutions. Find Friends, Chat & Share

Follow these simple steps:

Chat Service:

Go to Mobitel -> My Mobitel -> Fun -> Chat

Dating Service:

Go to Mobitel -> My Mobitel -> Fun -> Dating

Charges (per request): Rs.2 + Tax.

Service Name?

·       Starfriends Premium


Service type?

·       SMS, IVR and Photo pack


About Starfriends premium service?

·       Starfriends Premium - An entertainment service which you can simply get all the news, stories, songs, images & videos of your favorite stars to your mobile. Get a chance to meet up your favorite stars face to face. Change yourself from been just a normal fan and into one of their closest friends.


Service content type?

·       Entertainment


How to access/ activate the service?

·       SMS- Type your favorite artist first name & send to 2468/ eg: POOJA>2468

·       IVR- Artist name>V to 2468/ eg: POOJAV> 2468

·       Photo pack - Artist first 03 letters of the first name to 2468/ eg: POO>2468"


Service package price points?

·       SMS- Rs.5.00 + Taxes

·       Photo Pack - Rs.5.00 + Taxes

·       IVR- Rs. 1.50 +Taxes


Deactivation Methods?

·       SMS - Artist first name> OFF to 2468/ eg: POOJA OFF

·       PP- Artist first 3 letters of the first name> STOP TEE to 2468/ STOP TEE

·       Voice- Artist name+V OFF to 2468/ eg: POOJAV OFF"


Other terms and conditions?

·       This is for the purpose of providing digital content including over the top content. Users are not permitted to reproduce, distribute, modify, display or make use of the contents of this website/application, except download material in temporary storage on one computer/mobile solely for their personal and non-commercial use. Any unauthorized use of the services and contents may violate copyright laws, trademark laws as well as the laws of privacy and Starfriends is not responsible for the same.