Unlimited Streaming


What is Unlimited Streaming package?

A: Unlimited streaming package is an exclusive package for streamers, offering unlimited HD streaming for most popular video streaming platforms - Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, iflix, Zee5, PeoTV GO for a monthly rental.

Package details?

Unlimited Streaming

Rental Rs.

Rs.1,798.80/- (excluding tax)

Bundle for streaming

Unlimited HD Streaming for below streaming platforms

Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, iflix, Zee5, PeoTV GO

Data bundle ( for other internet usage)


Wi-Fi+ subline connections


Monthly Rental for Wi-Fi connection

Rs.999/- (Rs. 1100.90 - with tax)





Excess Usage per MB

30 cents per MB

Connection Fee


Refundable Deposit

Rs. 2,000

Initial Credit Limit

Rs. 4,500

Other conditions for unlimited streaming package? **

1. Unlimited Streaming is allowed for mentioned streaming platforms ONLY at a maximum bandwidth up to 10Mbps.

2. HD streaming is available only on 4G network. On 3G Network, you can experience SD streaming quality without any interruption.

What are the features of this package?
  • Unlimited HD video streaming

  • Additional 3GB for normal data usage

  • 1 Wi-Fi Subline connection to share main package data offer

  • Possibility to activate postpaid add-on plans to increase data bundle for other browsing needs

What happens if the customer access a video streaming platform which is not defined for unlimited streaming?

In this case, usage will be deducted from the 3GB bundle. Once the 3GB is fully utilized, data usage will be recorded as excess usage. If the customer has activated an add-on plan, usage will be deducted from the add-on bundle.

Is the monthly subscriptions of video platforms included to the package rental?
No, monthly subscriptions of streaming platforms are no included to “Unlimited Streaming” package rental
what are Router offers available?


4G Home Router

4G Mobile Router

4G Wingle

Device upfront payment (Rs.)




Package refundable deposit (Rs.)




Total (Rs.)




Contract period

6 months

  • Conditions
  • No penalty charges will be applied
  • Customer should agree to sign the contract for a period of 6 months at the time of purchase
  • Package change is allowed only to package rental 990 or above within the 6 months contract period
  • Deposit amount will be refunded only after 6 months’ contract completion. This amount should not be considered as a deposit for bill settlement during the 6 months contract

    Mandatory documents to be collected for Unlimited Streaming package activation

    • Agreement / Duly filled subscriber application
    • Copy of NIC of customer
    • Billing proof
Can these packages purchase without a router?

Yes, SIM only purchase is allowed.

From where can the new Unlimited Streaming be purchased?

This can be purchased from any Mobitel outlet island wide

Can the Unlimited Streaming plan activate as an add-on plan to postpaid voice connections?

Yes, the same offer can be activated as an add-on plan to postpaid voice connections.

  • Activation Methods
  • Dial #170# USSD  Content Based Plans
  • Mobitel Self care app
  • Log on or download Datamart App.
When a Wi-Fi+ connection is purchased; will the subline get the FREE video streaming facility as well?

Yes, the subline can share all the features of Main number including Unlimited HD video streaming.