Security & Access Control Solutions

Security and Access Control Solutions


“Safeguard your workplace, with Mobitel mSurveillance”

mSurveillance is a Product, which provides a wide range of security related solutions. This enables a smarter, safer and more productive work environment to carry out business operations.

Solution Highlights:

  • Wide range of IP based Surveillance Systems are available to choose as per your choice
  • Video Analytics, Facial Recognition, Behavior detection remote monitoring, and many other Product features to choose from
  • Central Control and Command
  • Product customization as per the business needs and wants.   
  • Mobitel trusted support with islandwide coverage for remote connectivity
  • Zero CAPEX. Flexible, pay as you grow Payment plan

Mobitel now offers flexible payment plans, personalized prices and discounts. (Conditions apply, Solutions subject to customization and may differ from advertised).

Please contact our solution consultants on 0711717171 or for more details. 

What is a temperature screening thermal devices?
A device that measures elevated body temperature. (Which is 37.3 °C and above as per WHO)
Does this scan COVID 19 patients?
No, this is a tool which measures elevated body temperature.
What is the recommended installation positions?
Indoor, under shade, away from direct sunlight, with very low wind conditions.
What are the available types of solutions?


Hand held Thermal detection camera

Anytime, Anywhere, Non-contact, Hand held device, which measures body temperature with 1m-1.5 m distance from the object. Recommended for spot -checking inspectors.



Face Recognition with fever screening

Touch-free, biometrics based fever screening device with access control.




Fever screening Walk Through

Touch-free, fast accessing, fever screening metal door solution, with an adjustable temperature threshold.



Temperature Screening Thermographic Turret / Bullet cameras

Simultaneous fever screening solution for multiple persons. (up to 30)


How much it cost?
Cost depends on client requirement, order quantity and device brand .Project by project cost will vary.
What are the payment plans available?
  • Outright purchase – 100% upon agreement signoff.
  • Payment plan - 25% down payment + 3 Months or 6 Months Monthly Rental Option
What are the available brands?
Customer has the option of selecting the type of solution based on as per his requirement. We are in a position to supply most of the reputed brands, depending on the stock availability and delivery time.
What is the warranty period?
One year
What will happen after completion of the warranty period?
Customer has the opting of signing a Service Level Agreement (SLA), subjected to a fee.
What is the delivery time?
Minimum three weeks, subject to government rules and regulations
Whom to contact for the sale?
For further inquiries, send an e-mail to with the customer contact details.