Exclusive Rewards Just for You – Enjoy a host of benefits, along with special offers and discounts on Devices, Connectivity plans, and Digital Life style services with SLT-Mobitel Loyalty Rewards.
You can also redeem your reward points for Bill payments, Device & Accessory purchases & Pre-Paid top-ups. The benefits of Rewards and privileges vary according to your network usage and the number of years connected with SLT-Mobitel Mobile network.
What’s more, we also have tailor made offers for all loyalty members.
To check your Reward Points, simply dial #071#, login to and download the Self-Care app
Reward points will be added to your account at the end of each month, and the points will be valid for one year.

What is it?
It is a loyalty program which enables Mobitel subscribers to accrue points based on their monthly payments on Mobitel services.
Who is it for?
The program is designed for all Mobitel Individual customers.
How do I register?
All Mobitel subscribers are automatically enrolled to the program.
How do I earn reward points continuously?
  • By paying you monthly bill in total as per the stipulated due date.
  • Upon toping up (prepaid ) and using ( Burn & earn)
  • Your Mobile number(s) should not be disconnected due to an outstanding payment
What are the types of points?
  • Life Time Points
  • Redeemable Points
How do I earn and redeem points?

The Mobitel Rewards program is twofold. Listed below are the type of points/ awarding criteria and the nature of points.

Type of points Points awarded for Nature of Points/Badges
value of points Expiry Other
Life Time Points Payments made from the date of connection

This excludes;

  • Taxes
  • E services
  • Receipt adjustments
  • Free money  
  • Device installment
  • Payments made via points


Do not expire Decides the loyalty tier ( Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze)


The lifetime value will keep growing based on monthly collections and could result in a change in the loyalty tier
Redeemable Points For payments made thru points cycle
This excludes payments made in lieu of;
  • Taxes
  • E services
  • Receipt adjustments
  • Free money
  • Device installment
  • Payments made via points
Rs. 100 collected - 1 Point
Valid for 12 months Can be redeemed against;
  • Bill payments
  • Recharge / Top-up
  • Purchase of devise and accessory
  • Upgrade SIM
  • Pay as premium number fee
What is the rupee value of a reward point (conversion rate)?

The rupee value of a point will be dependent on the loyalty tier of the customer.

Redeemable points - revenue collected (monthly) / 100

Redeemable value - redeemable points * conversion rate


Loyalty Tier

Standard Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
1 point  Rs.1 Rs.1 Rs.5 Rs.10 Rs.15
How do you determine the loyalty tier?
The loyalty tier will be determined based on the life time points accrued
Life time points (NIC level)
Blue Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
70,000  Rs. 70,000 to 150,000  Rs. 150,000 to 200,000  Rs. 200,000 to 320,000 320,000
What is a points cycle?.
The 12-month period between the start date & the end date, where you can accrue points on your payments.
The start date of the points cycle will be determined based on the date you registered with the network. (i.e. if you registered with the network on 05.03.2019, the points cycle of the customer will begin on the 5th of March every year.
How much points will I have at the beginning of the program (start out points)?
Start out points - revenue collected between the date of anniversary to (launch date) / 100
How long does it take to credit/award points?
The points collected in respect to payments / recharge (monthly collection/100) will be added to the system at the end of every month.
Can I carry forward my points to next year?
No. Points accrued within the points cycle needs to be redeemed prior to the expiry of points.
However, an additional 30 days will be given (grace period) beyond the date of expiration to redeem points.
Can I transfer my Points?
Points are non transferable and non reversible.
What is the minimum number of points required to redeem points?
You need to have a minimum of 50 points to start redeeming. Once this threshold is achieved you can redeem the total of 50 points making the remaining balance Zero points (not only the points over and above 50)
Is there a maximum cap for redemption?
The maximum value redeemable under this scheme is limited to Rs. 350,000/-
What are the instances where points can be terminated?
The loyalty points accrued by the customer can be terminated when,
  1. If the member deactivates all his connections (NIC level disconnection)
  2. In case of an ownership transfer
  3. In the event of using Mobitel services for illegal purposes
  4. Expiry of points
  5. A decision by Mobitel
How does changes happen in the loyalty tier?
Change in the loyalty segment/tier will happen automatically upon reaching the threshold and will be effective from the next month.
How can I share my feedback / suggestions/concerns about the program?
By calling the Customer Care Hotline 1717 or by sending an email to

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