Welcome Aboard

Welcome to Mobitel!!
It is with great pleasure that we welcome you on board the national mobile service network, Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel. Our network offers you many advanced features such as Quality Voice Services, High Speed Internet, exciting Value Added Features, International Roaming, & IDD etc…
To make your experience with Mobitel a pleasant & a hassle free one, here are some useful information to go through prior using your new Mobitel connection.
Mobitel SIM 
Mobitel offers you one SIM card which contains a standard size SIM card, Micro SIM card & Nano SIM card to suit your handset type.
Your First Bill 
The subscription fee on your first bill will be charged on a pro rata basis, for the number of days the service has been connected. Similarly if the package entitles you to a free bundle, this too will be pro-rated according to the number of days the bill is computed for. 
Ex:  Value 50 connection purchased on the 10th of May. Bill run assigned is 01st of the month.
Applicable subscription fee & free bundles for the first bill are,
Subscription – Rs. 50, Calls - 25 minutes, 40 SMSes & MBs, Number of days for the bill run - 22 days
Subscription - 
50 /30 x 22 = Rs. 36.67
Free Bundles – 
25/30 x 22 = 18 minutes
29 SMSes & 29 MBs
Charging of the full subscription will commence from the 2nd bill.
Using Mobile Data
Most of the voice Post Paid packages are offered with a free data bundle. And the excess data usage will depend on your tariff plan.
You may activate a data add-on plan if your mobile data usage is higher that the offered free data bundle, or consider upgrading plan.    
Click Here for More Information on Postpaid Broadband packages (Data packages)                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Billing  Information
You can use the following methods to know your usage & account balance information instantly.
  • Access the Mobitel Self Care Application - Click Here
  • Register on the MY ACCOUNT - Click Here
  • Dial 1456 from your Mobitel phone to listen to your billing details in your preferred language,
  • Dial #1456# from you Mobitel phone to get an instant bill update to your phone, Dial #9900# to activate the e-Bill service
  • Type ‘YES’ & send to 4545 & register to get a daily usage alert.
Due Date
Due date will fall 14 days after the billing date which is mentioned on your bill. (Due date would vary)
Initial Credit Limit
Your credit limit describes the maximum amount that can be reached without interruption to your service.  Exceeding this limit will make your line liable for automatic service interruption.  We will notify you via SMS when your usage reaches 75% of the assigned credit limit. An interim payment is required upon reaching your credit limit. The total billed amount (as stated in your bill) falls due on or before the payment due date. 
Enhancing the Credit Limit
Credit Limit can be further enhanced by keeping an additional refundable deposit or by making a special request where the subscriber is required to produce the following documents.
  • Copy of a valid identification ( NIC/DL/PPT )
  • Duly filled credit limit enhancement form  
  • And one of the following documents,
  -Credit Card statement
  -Current Account Statement
  -Salary slip
International Roaming  
Deposit Free Roaming
Roaming facility can also be provided without a deposit. To activate, dial #999# from your Mobitel phone.
Click Here for More Information
Budget Roaming Facility
Activate budget roaming facility to enjoy lower Roaming call rates with no special codes or dialing methods. This feature should be activated prior to the departure & can be activated by dialing #999# from your Mobitel phone.
Call Home & SMS Home Facility
Enjoy special LOW rates to call and SMS your loved ones back in Sri Lanka using CALL HOME and SMS HOME features. (Special Dialing methods apply)
To make a call,
For example; *140*94714555555#
To send an SMS,
dial:*123*number# and type your message
For example; *123*0712755777#


DATA Roaming Plans
This plan offers you the best data roaming plans. To activate dial #999#.
Click Here for More Information
Value Added Services
Dial 555 from your Mobitel phone to activate a range of Value Added Services that include mTunes, News Alerts, Religious Thoughts, mInsurance, Astrology Services, Fitness Tips, Job Alerts & many more services.
For more information - Click Here
Your bill can be settled at;   
- Mobitel Branches
- SLT Teleshops
- SLT Regional Telecom Offices
- Authorized Dealers
- Keells Super Outlets
- Laughfs
- Arpico
- Cargills food city outlets 
- Banks (People’s Bank, National Savings Bank, Sampath Bank, Hatton National Bank, Nations Trust Bank, Commercial Bank, Union Bank, PABC Bank, DFCC Bank, Seylan Bank & other)
For location details check:
Other than over the counter payments you can settle your bill via,
Mobitel Self Care Application -
Or by registering on the MY ACCOUNT -  Click Here
mCash Service -
Return Bills of New Subscribers
If the 1st bill is returned outgoing facility will be barred and the subscriber will be requested to provide billing proof to restore the connection.
Call Management
Call Waiting 
Call Waiting is a feature which is already available on all phones it allows you to know who’s calling even when you’re on a call. 
This service can be activated/ deactivated by dialing below codes on your phone.
To Activate --> Dial *43#
To Deactivate --> Dial #43#
Missed Call Alerts (MCA)
This service can be activated and de-activated with the use of below SMS commands. 
To Activate MCA --> SMS MCA to 7676
To Deactivate MCA --> SMS MCA DCT to 7676
Call Block
You can block up to 30 numbers as unwanted incoming calls.
To activate Call Block, send a SMS ‘YESCB’ to 2565 or dial #888# from your handset to access the Self Care Menu.
Contact Us On,
For Inquiries & Concerns: 
Regarding inquiries or concerns to
Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd.
Rotunda Towers,
No 109,
Galle Road,
Colombo 03
24 Hour Customer Service Hotline +94 (0) 712755777 or dial 1717 from any network in Sri Lanka
For Sinhala : Press1
For Tamil   : Press2
For English : Press3
24 Hour Roaming Service Hotline +94 (0) 714555555
General - Operator assisted Telephone Line +94 (0) 112330550
(9.00 am to 5.00 pm) Weekdays
For Customer Inquiries or Concerns -  +94 (0)112330396
Social Media - 
Useful Short Codes & Numbers
  • #888#  -   Mobitel Self Care Information Portal
  • #999#   - Mobitel Roaming Information Portal
  • #1456# / 1456  - Mobitel Billing Information Portal/IVR
  • 443 –IDD Services
  • 555 – Mobitel One Short Code for all VAS related information
  • 777  - mTunes
  • 225 – eChanneling 
  • 365 -  mTicketing ( Train tickets, Movie tickets, Air Line tickets )
  • 243 – Religious Thought of the Day
  • 247 – Doc Call Service 
  • #132# - Short Code to check Re Registration details
  • #550# - Change your preferred network mode
  • #229# - Information on News Alert Services
  • #160# - Information & Activations of the Mobitel CBC Plans.
  • #111# - mCash Services
  • 888 – mGuide