Be a Millionaire with mtunes 2023

What is “Be a Millionaire” competition?

It’s a competition where mTune users will have a definite chance to become a Millionaire (From 1st of September to November 2023)

How to participate in this promotion?

All postpaid and prepaid individual subscribers (see terms and conditions for exclusions) who activate more mtunes and generate highest CRBT revenue during 1st September 2023 to 30th November 2023 will stand a chance to win cash giveaways. a draw will be conducted each week to select the weekly winner during the promotion period. Winners of the Grand prize and other consolidated giveaway’s to be selected after the promotion period.

What is the promotion period?

1st September 2023 to 30th November 2023.

What are the prizes for the competition?
Draw Number Promotion period Draw Date Prize
Grand Draw 1st September 2023 to 30th November 2023 10th December 2023 Grand Prize = Rs. 1,000,000
2nd winner = Rs. 100,000
3rd winner = Rs. 50,000
4th – 10th winners = Rs. 10,000 each
Weekly Draw 1st September 2023 to 30th November 2023 End of Each week weekly winners = Rs. 10,000 each (12 winners) (Weekly cash prize giveaway)
How the winners are selected?

The highest revenue contributed customer of the week will be winner of the weekly prize & the highest revenue contributed customer will be the winner of the grand prize following runners up gifts and consolidated giveaway’s according to the order up to 10. (see terms & conditions for more information).

How will the winners be being informed?

Winners will be contacted via phone from 0712755777.

How can the customers activate mtune?

Any mtune activation channel. (IVR/SMS/WEB/OBD etc..)

Does changing songs considered for this promotion?

Yes, more changes means more the chance to win cash giveaway.

Can the existing mTunes users enter this competition?

Yes, by changing or adding new songs to their profile. And using features like user generated RBT, song gifting, song dedication will enhance the opportunity to win the cash giveaway.

Will there be an additional charge to enter this competition?

No, Standard mtune charges + taxes will be applied. Refer for more information.

Can both pre-paid & postpaid customers enter this competition?

Yes, both Prepaid & Postpaid customers can enter this competition except the corporate packages.

What are the Terms & Conditions ?
  • Existing & New CRBT subscribers who activates more & more mtunes within the promotion period will be eligible for the giveaways.
  • Highest mtunes user with more multiple active songs, song changes, dedications, gifting and other mtune features for the respective week will be eligible for the reward of a Rs. 10,000 cash giveaway.
  • Highest mtunes users with more multiple active songs, song changes, song dedications, song gifting and other mtune features within the total promotion period will be eligible for the Grand Prize & other giveaways.
  • Subscriber who has been a winner for the weekly giveaway will not be eligible for the next weekly giveaways.
  • A subscriber bearing the same NIC who has been a winner for a weekly giveaway will not be eligible for future weekly giveaways.
  • Subscribers who has been a winner for a specific weeks giveaway will be eligible for the final grand prize giveaway and other respective giveaways provided if he/she in the top 10 of the entire period.
  • While selecting the highest CRBT revenue generated subscribers, if there are equal values consider all the subscribers and pick the winners from a draw.
  • Winners will be picked by a system-generated report conducted in presence of Mobitel Internal Audit on the draw date. (Winners for Weekend and holidays will be picked on the following working day).
  • The subscribers who has registered or done a change in their profile (Adding songs or changing their existing song) on that particular period (weekly or after the promotion period) will be picked for the report.
  • Winners will be contacted via phone from 071-2755777 and a confirmation letter will be sent to their address.
  • In case of an unreachable winner, there will be three attempts made via phone and if not reachable, the next record of the report will be picked as the winner. The previous record will be discarded for that particular date and the number will remain in the report for the upcoming dates.
  • Winners of the final giveaway’s will be announced after final date of entry for the promotion period.
  • Winner of weekly giveaway to be announced after each week.
  • Winners will be entitled for the giveaway mentioned in the above table.
  • Mobitel staff, Suppliers and Business partners of Mobitel, Advertising Agency and their immediate family members will not be eligible to participate in this competition.
  • The participants agree to indemnify Mobitel for any technical errors, which may occur during the promotion period.
  • Only the actual user of the connection shall be eligible for the prize.
  • The gifts shall be distributed after the promotion period.
  • The prize cannot be negotiated.
  • Mobitel holds the right to do the winner selection and the decision shall be the final.
  • The prizes will be awarded to the winners who have duly paid all amounts payable for the use of all Mobitel’s services. This includes all due mobile bills connected under the National identity card number of the winner.