Career Paths

Mobitel actively encourages its staff to take ownership of the process of planning one’s career development: Our management will provide career counselling and general advice during the formal performance appraisal process and during other feedback sessions to help you to manage your career.

Training and Development

Our policy at Mobitel is to train and develop employees at all levels so that they give of the best to the company, thus contributing towards its growth and enhancing their own development. Development is seen as a joint responsibility between the employee being developed and the manager concerned. The HR division will identify and organize or nominate employees to attend training and development programmes as and when required, on the recommendation of the line manager/supervisor. In pursuance of this policy, many in-house training and development programmes are conducted based on identified needs. In situations where the needs cannot be met by means of such programmes, the persons concerned are nominated for external programmes.

Learning Centre

All Mobitel employees have access to the company library. It contains a variety of magazines, books and CDs. Employees should ensure that any material borrowed should be carefully used and returned in good condition.