Data Gifting


From the caring network, now prepaid customers can gift data bundles to their loved ones conveniently

Service Fee
Rs2+ taxes
Minimum gift bundle allowed*
Maximum gift bundle allowed*
Validity Period (gifted bundle)
7 days
Gifting method
To gift Day bundle : DGD<space>07********
<space>250mb to 170
To gift Night Bundle : DGN<space>07********
<space>250mb to 170
  • Donor / Main subscriber can gift data only once a month. (month is considered as a calendar month)
  • Data gifting is allowed only between active Prepaid numbers.
  • Service fee is per transaction.
  • Person who gifts data needs to have a sufficient data balance in their prepaid account. After gifting data, there has to be a minimum data balance of 50MB in the Gifting persons account.

* These limits are per transaction


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